'Florida Girls': Release date, plot, cast, trailer, and everything you need to know about Laura Chinn's new comedy

'Florida Girls': Release date, plot, cast, trailer, and everything you need to know about Laura Chinn's new comedy

Pop TV has decided to showcase their own unique take on the blissful state of Florida with their soon to be arriving comedy series 'Florida Girls.' Helmed by Laura Chinn, the show premieres this July and will follow the lives of four women - all equally broke and stagnant in their journey - after the one ambitious friend they had, moves away to pursue her dreams. Chinn has spoken about how right from a very young age she had realized that she would need to get away from Florida for the entertainment business, so here's all you need to know about her screen adaptation of four broke girls trying to make it in the Sunshine state amidst things not going their way.

Release date:

'Florida Girls' premieres this Wednesday, July 10, with back to back episodes on Pop.


Set in Clearwater, Florida, the story follows four besties - Shelby, Kaitlin, Jayla and Erica, who are trying to "navigate life’s curveballs below the poverty line.” With bills to pay and people to cater, the four twenty-somethings take us through their hilarious and extremely relatable journey as they question their life choices while working as in-house mermaids at a local bar. Think intense celebrations inside the car once the designated driver passes the breathalyzer test type comedy. It's brilliant!


L-R: Melanie Field as Kaitlin, Laura Chinn as Shelby, Laci Mosely as Jayla, and Patty Guggenheim as Erica in 'Florida Girls'. Source: Pop


Chinn will be playing one of the four best friends, Shelby. Laci Mosley from 'The Wedding Year' plays Jayla, Splitting Up Together's Patty Guggenheim plays Erica, and Melanie Field ('Heathers') stars as Kaitlin on the show. 


'The Mick' writer-producer  Chinn has created the series loosely based on her experience growing up in the Clearwater area. The on-screen representation is, of course, a way more dramatized version of Chinn's real-life struggle growing up in the state's West Coast, but it's still as captivating and entertaining. The 10-episode series is being produced by Lionsgate Television and 3 Arts Entertainment, with Chinn, Jared Miller, Tony Hernandez, Lilly Burns, Oly Obst, and Josh Lieberman serving as executive producers, and Kat Coiro directing the pilot.



The official trailer for 'Florida Girls' came out a short while ago and is full of lively, vibrant comedy that should work well both for a binge watch, and a more paced out consumption. Lighthearted and filled with relatable commentary, the trailer does come packed with all the good selling points of the show. Check it out here:


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