'Floribama Shore': Was Mattie Lynn Breaux fired from Season 4? Fans say DUI arrest may be why she's not returning

'Floribama Shore': Was Mattie Lynn Breaux fired from Season 4? Fans say DUI arrest may be why she's not returning
Mattie Lynn Breaux of 'Floribama Shore' (Mattie/ Instagram)

Mattie Lynn Breaux was an inconsolable wreck when Jeremiah Buoni told her he won't be able to commit to a long-distance relationship. It broke her heart in pieces but she was able to put it back together and say: “I think, on both sides, there was a lot of misunderstanding,” when the two-part Season 3 finale aired last year. Her exit was amicable, which made fans think she may return for Season 4 but the reality TV star quashed all rumors surrounding her appearance on the show. Mattie was "let go" by MTV.

The news of the breakup hit Mattie like a "god-dang truck" but she left with no bitterness whatsoever. Mattie entered the Saint Pete beach house as Gus Smyrnios's friend and effortlessly became a part of the group. In no time, she made her way into the group's inside jokes and Jeremiah's bed. They hung out and went on many dates, which could have possibly led Mattie to believe there was a future. 


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"I still find you a good friend, and I don’t want to lose that," with this, she walked out of her and Jeremiah's relationship. Because there was no bad blood, it was easy to assume that she would return for Season 4. But, the chances are looking slim. 

In an Instagram live session from January 2021, Mattie, who is also 'The Challenge' alum, confirmed that reality TV days were well behind her. She even addressed rumors about her return to 'Floribama Shore'. "Unfortunately, I will not be (back on The Challenge). I’m pretty done with the reality TV, it’s time for me to be myself and be real and for you guys to see all of me," she said in the video and added: "Unfortunately this year I was let go for unfortunate circumstances but I’m very grateful for MTV and Viacom they’ve done a lot for me and my life but unfortunately, that realm is over.”


While the real reason for her being fired from the show is not known yet, internet sleuths played connect-the-dots and linked jail time as one of the possible reasons why she was let go. Some say it could also be a racist tweet. Mattie "pled guilty to misdemeanor DUI and will serve 7 days at Davidson County Jail," TMZ reported in November 2020. 

"I can’t believe MTV canceled you. Alcoholism is a disease @mtv @challengemtv," a fan posted on Mattie's tell-all video, while another shared on Reddit: "Just saw this, Mattie has been fired from The Challenge, no news on why but given the most recent firing of Dee Nguyen was based on Anti-Black/BLM comments, it will be interesting in the current climate to know what happened." Another posted, "I would be surprised if they fired her over DUI's alone. Given to type of people they cast, i assume there are a few DUI's in there."

Catch all the new episodes of 'Floribama Shore' when Season 4 premieres on MTV on February 25, Thursday at 8/7c. For more information, check your local listings. 

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