Floribama Shore's Kirk Medas slams 'All Lives Matter', says the world 'isn't safe for people like me'

Floribama Shore's Kirk Medas slams 'All Lives Matter', says the world 'isn't safe for people like me'
Kirk Medas (MTV)

People in the US took to the streets to support the Black Lives Matter movement after the death of George Floyd. Amid all this, there has been constant debate about how one should focus on 'All Live Matter' rather than fixating on one section of the society.

Breaking his silence on this, Kirk took to his Instagram to share what he thought about the idea of 'All Lives Matter'. The reality star spoke about his life in the US and how he has had occasions when he felt that he is not safe in the country. "Wicked world we live in.... it isn’t safe for ppl like me rn... that’s sad to even say or think about. I’m an American as well," he said. "Why is it so hard for all of us to do right by each other? Why is it so hard for EQUALITY for all? If we are ONE NATION UNDER GOD let’s act accordingly and remove the hate that resides here... way too much of it," he continued. 

Kirk also reflected on 'All Lives Matter' and wrote, "If you think 'All Lives Matter' then why aren’t you fighting for the black ones that haven’t mattered for centuries and decades of your own existence?" He concluded the post by writing, "With that being said, God doesn’t like ugly and God bless you all. Cheers, to change."

His followers were quick to lend their support in the comment section as one of them wrote, "Best statement I've ever read. Amen. Black lives matter. The hatred needs to stop. God Bless love and peace to all." Another wrote, "Damn man... I'm sorry you feel unsafe. when I was your age I wish I was a celebrity filming tv shows with all races of people and getting paid and partying and getting drunk and hitting people and not going to jail. It sure seems as if you have a pretty good life and you have a lot to be proud of and thankful for..."


His fellow cast members were also quick to comment on the post. Nilsa Prowant commented, "SAY it AGAIN I love you, Kirk!" Meanwhile, Gus Smyrnios commented, "My brother."

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