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Onlookers horrified after finding 5 severed heads in cooler box dumped on road along with chilling note

The red box was spotted next to a dismembered body wrapped in cloth by a motorist
Five decapitated heads were found stuffed inside cooler boxes along with chilling notes(Scott Olson/Getty Images)
Five decapitated heads were found stuffed inside cooler boxes along with chilling notes(Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Warning: Graphic content, readers’ discretion advised

MIGUEL ALEMAN, MEXICO: In the midst of the ongoing violent cartel wars in Mexico, a gruesome scene was discovered by the population in Miguel Aleman, Tamaulipas, on October 6. Five severed heads were found in refrigerated boxes along with eerie notes. The same day, police were informed of a box containing a decapitated head, which also contained a blood-soaked threatening message from the Gulf Cartel (CDG) signed "CDG Operativa Torres."

A motorist traveling on Los Leones Boulevard saw the red box next to a dismembered body wrapped in cloth. When police authorities opened the cooler, they found more dismembered remains with skin partially removed, including a man's head. The cold message was addressed to the Ministry of National Defense, and the cartel suggested that they be left alone with their criminal activities.


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"This problem of ours isn't against any of you guys", the message read, according to The Sun. "The chaos that went down in Mirador was done by those morons from the Cartel del Noreste. They want to do more than just kill innocent civilians, families, steal, and terrorize citizens. Please allow us to do our work at night in order to finish off these filthy individuals." The message ended with, "All 'Sedena' troops will be respected. And this will be the fate of every dirty individual who is fucking up here. Sincerely, 'CDG' Operativa Toros."


It is believed that the cartel could be referring to the body of the woman who was found hanging from the El Mirador bridge in Tijuana. The Cartel Del Noreste issued its own chilling warning, a few days later on October 9, by dumping a cooler box with four severed heads inside. It was discovered on the Ribereña highway near the exit to Poblado Los Guerra. According to a local media outlet, the remains belonged to the members of the rival cartel members who were reportedly abducted and subjected to brutal torture and then execution. 


"...More jobs done like this are needed", they responded. "We don't mess with innocent civilians or soldiers. Whereas you guys are cowards who happen to have corrupt troops on your payroll. Much like Captain Malaga who sells out the Northeast Cartel operatives with those f****t Gulf Cartel members." It also appeared that the message was meant for the rival gang's leader. They added "Primito, I've left your mechanic in pieces here for you. Everyone in Reynosa needs to be on their f*****g toes because La Cabra has everything up for sale."


The Expert Services Unit of the State Attorney General's Office is now carrying out an investigation.