Finneas O'Connell announces first Christmas single, divides Internet between 'Do we care?' and 'You saved 2020'

'WE DONT WANT IT,' wrote one fan while another shared the opposite reaction: 'ALL I NEED FOR CHRISTMAS IS THISSS'

                            Finneas O'Connell announces first Christmas single, divides Internet between 'Do we care?' and 'You saved 2020'
Finneas O'Connell (Photo by Timothy Norris/Getty Images)

Finneas O'Connell made an unexpected announcement on November 17. The alternative/indie singer and famous producer for sister Billie Eilish has taken to his social media to reveal that he plans to release a Christmas song this year. "I’m putting out a Christmas song this year," Finneas wrote on Twitter along with an in-love emoji.

Apart from the fact that Finneas is commonly known for producing pop music, what's more surprising is that fan opinions about his announcement are completely opposite from one another. We'll list some of the negative comments first.

"WE DONT WANT IT," wrote a user in all caps on Twitter. One user said, "one pandemic at a time FIN!!!" Another wrote, "We're barely getting over the pandemic we're in now." "Do we care?" asked a user. "No one moved," added another user.










Every second comment is nearly an exact contrast from the above statements as fans were hyped for a Finneas Christmas track. "Saving 2020 as always," said a fan while another wrote, "I LOVE U MORE NOW ONLY BECAUSE OF THIS OMG QIXNDIFNAMDLOANXKW." One fan said, "I already know it’s gonna be amazing will be playing it all Christmas season." "ALL I NEED FOR CHRISTMAS IS THISSS," wrote another fan.











Meanwhile, some fans are expecting him to release the long-awaited song 'American Cliche'. "Put out american cliche like you promised too," said a fan. 'American Cliche' is an unreleased song by Finneas. The song was performed first on August 13, 2019 live at The Mint. Finneas confirmed the song's indefinite release back in July 2020 when a fan commented directly about the song. The fan said, "@finneas the song next month has to he american cliché sorry i dont make the rules," to which Finneas replied, "It is not, but I will not forget about you! Or that song! It will come out eventually!"




It is unclear when Finneas will release his Christmas number for the holiday season, but if and when he does, it will mark the first time Finneas has written a song for any holiday celebration as a solo artiste. Finneas is a swiftly rising producer who's helmed production on all of his multi-Grammy-winning sister's discography — with an armful of Grammy Awards himself. He's worked with several renowned artistes including Demi Lovato, Justin Bieber, Halsey and more. 

Finneas has also been recognized for his curious unconventional production style such as using a dentist's grinding tool as a textural layer added into Eilish's 'Bury a Friend'. So, we think a Christmas song by Finneas could prove very interesting, if not a hit straight off the bat. Are you up for a Finneas Christmas song this year? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below.

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