‘For Life’ Episode 13 Preview: Will Aaron get a fair shake in his last retrial?

‘For Life’ Episode 13 Preview: Will Aaron get a fair shake in his last retrial?
Aaron Wallace (ABC)

Thanks to the prison warden Safiya Masry’s (Indira Varma) attempt to re-transfer Aaron Wallace (Nicholas Pinnock) to Belmore and his own desperation to achieve freedom following years of struggle, the wrongfully incarcerated inmate has been given the last opportunity to fight his own case. 

The previous episode of ‘For Life’ titled ‘Switzerland’ saw Cyrus Hunt (Chance Kelly) return as the prison warden to Belmore following the worst inmate-induced violence. It also showcased Glen Maskins (Boris McGiver)  and the rest of the District Attorney officials do everything in their power to stop Aaron from appearing at the court and exposing their wrongdoings ahead of the elections. 

The official synopsis for the 13th and final episode of Season 1 of ‘For Life’ reads, “When Maskins and Cyrus Hunt try to thwart Aaron's attempt at a retrial, Aaron is forced to attempt a desperate move, risking the wrath of a powerful new adversary. The election comes to a head as Safiya tries to warn Aaron that he is now a marked man”

Meanwhile, the trailer sees Jasmine Wallace's (Tyla Harris) water break at the court when she and Marie Wallace (Joy Bryant) are waiting for Aaron’s hearing. In the past few episodes, we saw the mother and daughter duo collect evidence that could serve as a game-changer in Aaron’s retrial. But, given Jasmine’s condition and the ongoing lockdown at the prison, which has restricted him from obtaining any sort of data for his case, how will Aaron manage to produce any proof against the DA officials?

Maskins, trying to safeguard his own position, is seen telling the federal judge that Aaron isn’t a peaceful intellect the way media portrays him to be. The surveillance footage from the day of the attack which sees Aaron attack Cassius could also be used by Maskins to support his case. 

Whether Aaron will finally find freedom is unknown and anything could happen in the next episode consider its the season finale. But, it would only be fair to see him reunite with his family after all that he has endured during his time in the prison, despite not having committed any crime. 

But, for someone who has suffered immensely at the hands of a corrupt legal system, even hope comes with a lot of uncertainty. 

‘For Life’ Episode 13 will air on May 11 on ABC. 


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