'Filthy Rich' Episode 9: Did Franklin kill Eugene? This shocking clue could help Margaret find out the truth

Did Franklin want revenge for being treated like an outsider for so many years? His conversation with Margaret makes us think so

                            'Filthy Rich' Episode 9: Did Franklin kill Eugene? This shocking clue could help Margaret find out the truth
Franklin (FOX)

Spoilers for 'Filthy Rich' Episode 9: 'Romans 12:21'

The penultimate episode of FOX's 'Filthy Rich' had many twists and turns that many of us enjoyed. The latter part of the season has proven to be quite a joy ride, and many fans are wishing that another network picks up the Southern gothic dramedy. More importantly, though, a major plotline was finally given some light, when Margaret Monreaux (Kim Cattrall) finds out that her "dead" husband Eugene Monreaux (Gerald McRaney) paid his pilot $15 million the day before he died. Now, we know from the dead Luke Taylor that Reverend Paul Luke Thomas (Aaron Lazar) had paid the pilot cash to confirm with a suicide mission but in this episode, there was the insinuation that either Franklin Lee (Steve Harris) knew about it, or had something to do with Eugene's death.

When Franklin tells Margaret that she should get rid of the paperwork that Eric had stolen from Luke's place, she said she'd take care of it. In that time before Franklin had come to meet her, she had gone through the paperwork and seen that her husband's pilot had gotten paid a day before his plane had crashed. While they weren't clear on who Margaret had found made the payment, Franklin becomes quite defensive and recalls a day where Eugene and his friends had beat up Frankling when they were teenagers.

Franklin was severely hurt as Maragaret danced with Eugene at a ball all those years ago. While both of them tell each other that they have done everything that was best for each other, Franklin questions Margaret as to why he was passed over and never named CEO. She tells him, she passed over him because he wasn't blood. Then things take a bit of a turn where Frankling threatens her that if she takes him down, he'll take Eric down with him - he was referring to the fact that Eric was responsible for Luke's death and had stoled the evidence that was in front of Margaret, from Luke's apartment.

This to us makes it a bit obvious that even though Franklin could have no directly made the payment, he was either invovled or knew about it. Why would he make a threat like that if he wasn't involved in some way or another? "@FilthyRichFOX Franklin paid to have Euguene's plane go down. SNAP! Franklin told Margaret I carried a beating from Euguene over u & I will take your son down with me! Margaret told him u Not blood  . I'm blown away with this cliffhanger @YMcTier #KimCattrall #FilthyRichFOX," wrote one fan.



Fans also were really upset because just a few episodes ago, Franklin and Margaret had rekindled their romance - now that seems to have gone out the window. "I was hoping Margaret and Franklin would go off somewhere together, but I guess that’s out of the question now.... #[email protected]," wrote one fan. Others claimed, "Franklin killed Eugene for revenge against him and to win Margaret’s heart #FilthyRichFOX." Yet another hopeful fan added, "I thought Franklin and Margaret were relationship goals, damn you year 2020 #FilthyRichFOX."







Episode 10, the series finale, airs on Monday, November 30, at 9 pm ET on FOX.

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