'Filthy Rich' Episode 5: Margaret subtly having her way wins over fans, but many feel she's all for herself

'Filthy Rich' Episode 5: Margaret subtly having her way wins over fans, but many feel she's all for herself
Margaret Monreaux (FOX)

Spoilers for 'Filthy Rich' Episode 5 'Proverbs 20:6'

This episode of 'Filthy Rich' had Margaret Monreaux on a lot of strings - one on hand she has a son Eric Monreaux who is hell-bent on cahooting with the bad guys, and on the other, she has a business to keep away from these men, also known as the 1820. The last 30 minutes of 'Proverbs 20:6' had Mardi Gras at the center of it, but Margaret's actions with Virgil Love's sacrilegious tape had not only got Ginger Sweet into immense danger but also made her lose trust when it came to Margaret. If you've watched the gothic Southern dramedy up until this point, you'd know Margaret is great at manipulation. She needed her son to get away from Governor Virgil Love, who had made a commercial with Eric and Reverand Paul so that he could be reelected. Even though she told her son, they were dangerous, she needed to get Love out of the way.

Without even thinking about the consequences, she went against Ginger's wishes to not release the tape. She exposed the fact that Ginger had the tape to Rev Paul and Governor Love, warning Love that he should drop out of the Governor race and stay away from Sunshine Network. Although, all that did, was get Ginger into a situation that had her kidnapped at gunpoint. Even though, the end of the episode saw the tape being released anyway - thanks to Franklin - Ginger had gone through trauma from the same men that had hurt her mother, Tina all those years ago. So while at times it seems that Margaret may be doing the right things, other times we have to believe when Ginger tells Margaret that all the children are just collateral damage to her. 

This was a tricky episode, there was no right thing to do per se, but Margaret seems to be creating a lot of internal family drama while she tries to keep the men away from her business. "Margaret will never have real allies. She's all for her self #FilthyRichFOX," tweeted one viewer. Another added, "Margaret coming around only talking about that damn tape not even realizing that Ginger has been through hell with the same people Margaret claimed she could protect her from. I would have been pissed too. #FilthyRichFOX."



Some on the other hand thought that Margaret had got the 1820 to back off was admirable. She had gone to Antonio's mother, Yopi Candalaria, who was the woman in the tape and bribed her with $100,000 so she could threaten the 1820 that she would talk. "@FilthyRichFOX YES! YES! Margaret socked it to the governor letting him know she knows about his freaky side due to Ginger has it on tape. I LOVE  it!!! Get it Margaret @YMcTier #FilthyRichFOX #newepisode #Monday," wrote one fan. Another added, "I love Margaret. She subtly gets her way #filthyrichfox@FilthyRichFOX."



Unfortunately, Antonio's mother ended up backstabbing Margaret, but either way, Margaret's plan had worked for the moment. In reality though, according to the next episodes' preview, Ginger was the smart one. The tape was in fact with her mother Tina at the rehab center, which Franklin, at Margaret's behest, ended up getting and releasing anyway. This wasn't Ginger's plan though, because she didn't want to bring any more women down, nor did she want to put her business Sin Wagon in danger. Now it seems, everyone is in danger since the tape is out. "Margaret really knows how to use people. #FilthyRich #FilthyRichFOX," wrote another user. Other's were that the "ladies table" weren't working together with one fan adding, "When I asked for Margaret and Ginger to work together against the boys, I hoped they would actually be on the same page. And yet they aren't even in the same book. #FilthyRichFOX."



Episode 6 airs on Monday, November 2, from 9 to 10 pm ET on FOX. 

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