'Feeding America Comedy Festival' slammed for being anti-Trump, viewers call it 'practicing humor distancing'

Viewers claim they are going to watch only to donate to the charity as things get political and 'not funny' per their standards

                            'Feeding America Comedy Festival' slammed for being anti-Trump, viewers call it 'practicing humor distancing'

NBC's partnership with Feeding America saw the network bring back one of its most beloved sitcom's reunion in the form of 'A Parks and Recreation Special' to donate funds for the charity's Covid-19 relief - something that fans universally adored and found themselves getting quite emotional over. Sadly, that isn't quite the case with its latest 'Feeding America Comedy Festival' - a show orchestrated by Byron Allen rounding up the country's honest comedians - mostly the 'Saturday Night Live' alum. Dubbed by fans as awful, the initial reactions rolling in aren't all that impressive.

The two-hour special co-hosted by Allen, Tiffany Haddish, Billy Crystal, and Kenan Thompson is set to feature pre-recorded comedy segments from Kevin Hart, Eddie Murphy, Adam Sandler, Jack Black, Chris Rock and George Lopez. Among the very extensive and star-studded list of entertainers appearing are also Louie Anderson, Judd Apatow, Wayne Brady, Adam Carolla, Cedric the Entertainer, Andrew Dice Clay, Deon Cole, Dane Cook, Whitney Cummings, Tommy Davidson, Bill Engvall, Mike Epps, Tina Fey, Billy Gardell, Brad Garrett, Whoopi Goldberg, Taraji P Henson, Kevin James, Jamie Kennedy, Keegan-Michael Key, Jon Lovitz, Howie Mandel, Sebastian Maniscalco, Tim Meadows, Caroline Rhea, Sarah Silverman, JB Smoove, Sheryl Underwood, Marlon Wayans, Will Smith, Will Ferrell, Wanda Sykes, Stephen Colbert, Michael Che and Colin Quinn.

Whew, quite the assortment, right? And even with Brady appearing as the ladies man Mr. Sanitary, Silverman touting the pros of coconut oil and olive oil as natural lubricants, Hart losing his sh*t upon being around his kids constantly, of course -  Sandler's very elaborate nap-rap, viewers have now labeled the special not quite what it was hyped up to be. Taking it to Twitter, one of them wrote: "#FAComedyFestival is apparently practicing humor distancing." Another chimed in saying: "This Feeding America Comedyfest is just simply awful. Holy crap!"

For others, it was simply an issue of taste as they claimed: "I AM trying to enjoy most of the Comedy Festival on @NBC .. but it is NSFW Not Safe for Work or WFH or kids in the house... starting to veer past an R Rating." And of course, one particular viewer pointed out something that was unmissable: "Whoever thought Jack Black gyrating his junk in his underwear would keep people tuned in to see the #feedingAmerica "comedy" festival ... was wrong."

While one viewer noted: "Makes me wish Robin Williams was alive and present during this," others didn't approve of its political sentiments when Billy Crystal's Dr Fauci impression hit the screen. "Was having a good time till your anti-Trump Dr. Fauci bit. Sorry @BillyCrystal ...keep politics out of this please," shared a viewer while another added: "I'll donate cause it's a good cause and definitely would suggest if you have give but it's hard to watch not funny not entertaining. My advice Donate and then turn it off Hollywood is useless in times of crises."

Another elaborated on how 'depressed' the show made them citing "Why does everything have to be political. I WAS watching #feedingamerica but turned it off on the dr Fauci sketch. I'm not a political party, I was looking for a laugh, a diversion in #depressing times and to help others. Thanks for #ruinednight #covid19 #depressed."

Other honorary mentions when it came to viewers being pretty much done with the comedy special include: "Why are millionaires on my tv asking people who were laid off to donate money?"

"Isn't comedy supposed to be funny?"

"Watching #feedingamericacomedyfestival.. if I donate will it make it stop? Painful to watch."

"Any show with @TiffanyHaddish AND @DaneCook both in it should NOT have the word 'COMEDY' in it. Talk about FALSE ADVERTISING!!"

"Keep your opinions to yourself and at least try to be funny"

"This #feedingamericacomedyfestival is a load of stay inside propaganda. Time to turn on Netflix."

"Celebs r 99.9% Left, FOR the party whom is for stealing wealth from The Rich, simply bc they have more Holly-Wood (Millionaires & Billionaires) arent Voluntarily emptying their pockets to Give but using its social credit to get the peasants to do so."

Looks like the verdict is in, as a viewer claimed: "Other than a couple of moments this Feeding America Comedy Fest is just sad, I thought comedy was supposed to be funny. They got a donation because it's a good cause but no more of my time"

The 'Feeding America Comedy Festival' aired on Sunday, May 10, from 7 pm to 9 pm, only on NBC.

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