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FedEx delivery driver refuses to help old man with dementia who fell on his front porch in disturbing video

'I can't do that poppa. I'm sorry,' the unidentified driver can be heard saying in the doorbell video
(Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

FREEPORT, TEXAS: A disturbing moment captured on camera shows a FedEx delivery driver refusing to help an old man who had fallen on his front porch. The video captured on a doorbell camera showed the 89-year-old man’s hand and legs in the frame after he slipped and fell, ending on his back while trying to get inside his own home.

In the video, the FedEx delivery truck could be seen parked a few meters away from the elderly man’s home while the driver got out to deliver a package. But instead of coming to the front door to deliver the package, the unidentified driver put the package several feet away from the fallen man who called out for help. He also did not proceed to help the gentleman. “A little help here please…” the old man can be heard in the video asking politely to the delivery driver. “Give me a hand. I can't get up,” the man said. The driver, who had already almost reached the truck, turned back and said: “I can't do that poppa. I'm sorry” before closing the door of the vehicle. The elderly man accepted the driver’s refusal for help by replying: “Oh okay.” The shocking video ended with the delivery guy moving towards the driver’s seat of the vehicle while the old man still lay on the floor.


The old man’s daughter, Maria Kouches, said that her father was on the floor for around 15 minutes before the delivery man came. “He didn't at least ring the doorbell or call 911! Thank God he's OK, but what if he hadn't been?” Kouches said in a social media post. The daughter also shared that her old father has dementia and trouble with his legs. Kouches added that he was on the floor for around ten more minutes after the FedEx guy left before she went to the porch to help him back up. “We try to keep an eye on him but he does still move around with his walker. It seems he was maybe trying to go back inside and his leg gave out. He gets confused and easily upset with new things,” Kouches stated.

Meanwhile, after the incident came to light, FedEx released a statement that read: “We extend our thoughts and concerns for the well-being of the person depicted in this video. The safety of our team members and customers in the communities that we serve is our highest priority. We are reviewing the circumstances behind this incident and will take the appropriate action.”

While in another incident, a FedEx driver proved that there is more good in the world than bad. A doorbell camera caught the delivery guy identified as Justin Bradshaw sanitizing a family's package after seeing a sign on their door which explained that a child living in the house has an autoimmune disorder.

Carrie Blasi, a mother from Boca Raton, Florida, had placed the sign to protect her daughter Emma, who has Type 1 diabetes. And due to her health condition, she is at a much higher risk of life-threatening complications if she contracts something as deadly as the Covid-19. So when 28-year-old Bradshaw noticed the sign on the door instead of placing the parcel and leaving, he took the time to clean it and sanitize the box. He also wrote a message to the family assuring them that the parcel had been sanitized.