'FBI' Season 4 Episode 15: Maggie saves OA's life, fans say 'Nice shot Maggie!'

'FBI' Season 4 Episode 15: Maggie saves OA's life, fans say 'Nice shot Maggie!'
Missy Peregrym as Agent Maggie Bell, Zeeko Zaki as Agent OA in 'FBI' (CBS)

Spoilers for  'FBI' Season 4, Episode 15 'Scar Tissue'

CBS returned with a spectacular case on 'FBI' that was mind-boggling for the team at first due to there being multiple suspects. A loose serial killer was the cause of dead bodies piling up, which saw all of them on high alert.

Episode 15 of 'FBI' also saw Agent Castille (Alana de la Garza) face her father with whom she shares a fractured relationship, with the two eventually taking the first step towards reconciliation. Amid this came danger which saw the members of the FBI come close to death. An incident that took place showcased the essentiality of having a partner. So read on to know what happened and how fans reacted to the situation.


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Episode 15 of the series saw the team tackle one of the most intense and perplexing cases ever. A cross-country serial killer was on the loose with women being his victims. While there were three suspects the team managed to narrow it down to one who fit the description. The culprit turned out to be an MMA fighter whose strength was useful in strangulating his victims. Agent Scola (John Boyd) and Agent Wallace(Katherine Renee Turner) were close on the killer's heels but lose him, after Wallace gets attacked. This left Agent Maggie Bell (Missy Peregrym) and Agent OA (Zeeko Zaki) who were close by to nab him.

OA gets there first which sees him engage in a hand fight with the killer. Being a professional fighter OA was quickly taken down and put in a chokehold by the killer. Even though he manages to break free, it was temporary and he once more fell prey to the killer's strength. But just when he seemed doomed, his partner Agent Bell showed up in the nick of time and with a single well-aimed shot took down the killer. Her timely intervention was incredibly helpful as it saved her partner's life. Fans who tuned in were relieved when she appeared and praised her for coming on time. Celebrating the fact that she saved OA's life, here's what fans had to say.

A fan said, "I mean, OA's awesome and obviously had some training, but did we really think he was going to whup a professional fighter? Thankfully Maggie always has his back. #FBICBS", while another commented, "OA was in trouble there, but my girl Maggie came through!!! #FBICBS #FBIFam #TheFBIs". A tweet read, "Wow that was too close for OA against an MMA suspect. Thank goodness for his partner Maggie #FBICBS".

A viewer said, "Maggie to the rescue love these two #FBICBS". while another added, "Saved by the angel Maggie. #FBICBS". A fan also tweeted, "What a team!! Nice shot Maggie! OA's OK!! #FBICBS".













'FBI' airs Tuesdays at 8 pm ET on the CBS channel.

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