Does Fauci have a 'God complex'? Viral photo shows doctor surrounded by self-portraits

Eagled-eyed observers caught a glimpse of Dr Fauci's home office after a screengrab from the documentary went viral on social media

                            Does Fauci have a 'God complex'? Viral photo shows doctor surrounded by self-portraits
A screengrab from a Disney+ documentary shows Dr Anthony Fauci (pictured) in his office, surrounded by portraits of himself (@dierenbach/Twitter)

Dr Anthony Fauci became the subject of mockery after a still from his eponymous Disney+ documentary showed the doctor surrounded by portraits of himself and his bobblehead.

Eagled-eyed observers caught a glimpse of the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases' home office after a screengrab went viral on social media. Fauci, 81, is one of the most influential figures in government and his $430,000-plus salary dwarfs that of any other federal employee, even President Joe Biden. The controversial immunologist was recently in the headlines as Project Veritas uncovered 'proof' that he lied about dangerous research that went on in Wuhan, China.


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The controversial image - which is a screengrab from the Disney+ feature documentary 'Fauci' - was shared on Twitter by user Karl Dierenbach. "Fauci in his office, surrounded by pictures of Fauci, watching that scene from 'Fauci' where Fauci is in his office surrounded by pictures of Fauci," Dierenbach wrote. The cluttered room featured a hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, portraits of Fauci, some printers, plants, furniture, and books. The image was derived from footage of Fauci's office shown in the Disney+ film that premiered on October 6, 2021. Piles of paper and books are seen behind Fauci, and a bobblehead bearing his likeness is placed in his bookcase.




The screengrab went viral on Twitter, leading many to accuse the nation's top disease expert of "narcissism" and having a "God complex."

"Serious God complex there. And kinda disappointed to see those tiny bottles of hand sanitizer; a man of his stature should have a gallon jug of it for sure," one tweeted.

"That's not his office; it's his masturbation room," another wrote.

"Is this real? Seriously it cannot be, can it? How far are we from a statue being commissioned?" a user wondered.

"That office tells you all you need to know about the guy, I would be surprised if he doesn’t refer to himself in the third person," one user tweeted, while another one said, "I can smell the narcissism thru the picture."











This comes just one month after Fauci was under fire for letting his department, the National Institute of Health, spend $1.2 million on beagles to use for medical experiments. Animal rights group Peta accused the NIH among other labs of buying nearly 5,000 beagle dogs and puppies over the past decade from Virginia-based supplier Envigo for experiments that saw the animals allegedly confined and tortured. It also accused Envigo of running a "puppy mill" where some of the canines were allegedly abused to death.

According to Fox News, an investigator from Peta claimed to have found 360 dogs dead at the warehouses. Speaking to Fox News, Peta senior vice president of cruelty investigations Daphna Nachminovitch said Envigo had been cited by the Department of Agriculture for the "hideous" conditions the pooches were subjected to. "They have been cited … for direct and critical violations," Nachminovitch said. "For failure to provide basic necessities of life to these nursing mother dogs and their puppies, keeping animals in temperatures as high as 92 degrees without air conditioning, plunging needles into the heads of puppies to drain hematomas … and so much more," she added.

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