Father who slammed his 16-month-old son into concrete and stabbed him to death charged with capital murder

Witnesses said the man carried Ashton into an apartment complex courtyard and yelled 'Jesus is coming' before the stabbing frenzy began.

                            Father who slammed his 16-month-old son into concrete and stabbed him to death charged with capital murder
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A man was recently accused of stabbing his 16-month old son to death outside his Texas apartment, and he has now been charged for the horrific attack. 27-year-old Blair Ness was reportedly charged with capital murder on Tuesday in the death of his toddler son, Ashton. Lewisville police Capt Mike Lane revealed that Ness had significant injuries to his hand from the knife, as well as a gunshot wound. The police also claimed that witnesses reported Ness yelling out "Jesus is coming" before he attacked his little son on Sunday afternoon.

Ness' gunshot wound comes from being shot in the leg by a neighbor who tried to stop the father from stabbing his own son, the authorities said to the Daily Mail. As per a police affidavit, the alleged attack is believed to have begun inside Ness' apartment, and from there it escalated to a bloody frenzy. The police affidavit also states that the apartment was filled with a smoky haze and smelled of newly burnt marijuana.

When police reached the scene of the crime, as per reports, they found a huge blood stain on the master bedroom carpet, complete with a blood-stained folding knife and skull fragments lying by the bedroom door. The police officers also found a trail of blood leading outside to where neighbors witnessed the attack. According to the affidavit, several kitchen knives were also found in the grass next to a pool of blood.

Ness, who was found by the police on a patio, was reportedly subdued with a stun gun when he refused police commands. While being handcuffed, he said, "I know everyone's mad. I'm mad. I killed my son," according to the affidavit.

Ness' girlfriend and the infant's mother, Alexandra Murphy arrived within a few moments of the police. She told the officials that when she left for work earlier Sunday, Ness was feeding their son. The distraught mother admitted that she couldn't think of a single reason why Ness would want to hurt their son, according to the affidavit. Murphy also told the police officials that Ness had started reading the Bible extensively recently, and the couple had even been attending church services.  

Ness' social media account revealed that just five days before the horrifying incident, he had posted a status update gushing about his family and his Christian faith, along with a photo of his girlfriend and their son, Ashton. "The start of something beautiful! I love my family, man do we have a strong bond. let's all stand strong in Jesus Christ cause it's so much better than magic. love you guys so much," he wrote.

Lewisville Police Capt Jesse Hunter said that according to the eyewitness accounts from the neighbors, Ness carried Ashton out of an apartment at the Oak Forrest Apartments in the 1500 block of Texas 121 Business in Lewisville sometime before 1 pm on Sunday. His neighbors James Ellis and Jolyn Zapatos told CBS DFW that the father-of-one slammed his son on the concrete, then knelt beside him, took out a small knife and proceeded to stab him in the abdomen.

Another neighbor, who has since been identified as Austin Andrew, was watching the scene from his second-floor balcony, and it was reportedly him who shot Ness in the leg, ending the attack. The cops have confirmed that Andrew will not be facing any charges for the shooting.

Once the police came to the scene to intervene, both father and son were rushed to the hospital, but the poor child succumbed to his injuries. As per the footage recorded by some of Ness' neighbors, he was heard shouting, "I just want to see my mom," when the police were dragging him away.

"I've been in law enforcement for over 20 years, and this is probably the worst call I've ever been on in my career," Police Capt Hunter said. "We're still all pretty confused on how something like this could happen." On Monday, a family member launched a GoFundMe campaign to help Ashton's mother with her son's final expenses. "Ashton lit up a room when he entered it,' the description read. 'He had a great smile and the cutest dimples you ever saw. We had the pleasure of watching him last weekend and will never forget all that he learned and taught us."

Till now, there has been no clear motive behind the slaying, but authorities claim that detectives were interviewing the suspect, while his bond was set at $1.5million.