Farrah Abraham bashes talk-show 'Face The Truth' after drug tests are read out positive on air

Things went haywire on Monday's episode of 'Face the Truth', where Farrah appeared along with her mother, Debra, and the two attempted to mend their relationship with the panel

                            Farrah Abraham bashes talk-show 'Face The Truth' after drug tests are read out positive on air

Former 'Teen Mom OG' star Farrah Abraham just attracts drama, it seems. After her very scandalous exit from the show, she went on to appear on Vivica A. Fox's talk show 'Face the truth'. After taping, she came out with allegations on social media, about the show bosses lying, but that isn't all. Taking it to the extreme, she also rallied that Vivica herself is a "non-credible host" leading to the show's episode turning into one dramatic showdown.

Things went haywire on Monday's episode of the show, where Farrah appeared along with her mother, Debra, and the two attempted to mend their relationship with the show's panel. But instead of some much-needed reconciliation, what happened was a ballistic expression of sorts, with Farrah herself walking off and later, bashing the show on social media.

It all started with Vivica calling her guest out on constantly wiping her nose - leading to the implication that Farrah is on drugs. And that too in the middle of Farrah defending her sex-tape, which she personally once again insisted wasn't "porn" but a licensed product, "like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian." Soon Vivica asked "Why you keep wiping your nose like that?" and to that Farrah responded, "I'm literally so cold my nose is running. I'm sorry, that's what happens when I get cold. Should I have production make it warmer so my nose doesn't run?"

But then Dr. Mary Chrzanowski did the unthinkable and whipped out a cup for Farrah to urinate in, asking, "Will you take a drug test?" This was followed by Debra explaining why she believes her daughter uses drugs, saying: "Her behavior is so erratic and always aggravated and always short-fused. I just can't imagine why we have to have that constantly."

Farrah retorted, saying: "I don't know anything about that, I'm just me. I'm really f--king cold and I will take this because I need to go pee and blow my nose. It is what it is." But this was proven to be false later in the show when the results came out and were read on air, Farrah tested positive, according to Chrzanowski, while her mother tested negative. It was also explained by the panel that the positive results could be because of some prescribed medication from a doctor, but Farrah denied taking anything at all. 

"I'm sorry, what? I'm confused," she said, right before  "I'm just a little confused of what a barbiturate is. I don't think either that's mine and I have to say did someone confuse something? I have to be that blunt at this moment in my life up here, I'm sorry if it sounds so crazy. I am so laughing out loud right now."


Vivica herself was offended and found it quite amusing that Farrah would think "one of us just went and peed in a cup for you and made you come up with a barbiturate test?" Chrzanowski added: "Let's say it's a false positive and leave it at that, we're not gonna win with her."

To that, Farrah responded: "I actually think it's screwed up, why would your test do a false positive? I'm wondering what the hell's going on with the test. I'm going to follow up with the producers who actually initiated this. God only knows if it's real." And that's when Farrah decided to storm off the show before Vivica brought out psychotherapist Joanne Koegl who conducted the test and explained how it was carried out. 

"We like to deal with facts here with Face the Truth and Farrah, she left the show because she said were lying about her drug test," Vivica mentioned.


But Farrah was still heated as she took to Instagram on Sunday night to bash the show and its alleged false results. "When your (sic) the only real person on stage & face the truth every day of your life #livingmybestlife some non-credible host has 4 other women degrade, hate and act like their credible yet can't even show respect for themselves," she wrote. 

"Let's just say crap like this is disgusting probably already canceled & she has to pay her audience and guests heavily to even tolerate this backward thinking," she continued. "What about women lifting women up? #timesup What about not putting down others to make yourself feel better - my recommendation for all of these hosts is to get off tv, go find self love, take care of their own mental health, their stunted children & families & not one woman was credible on the show as well I have no respect for women who have to lie, degrade, and be jealous of another amazing woman."

She added: "Stop talking about my sex life when you can't listen to the truth - if I'm a porn star so is every other person who f--ked a porn star.... oh wait that would be so many sports players etc...but hate on a woman? All of their sex lives are a mess." Ending her post, she wrote: "I'm so blessed I make the world a better place one pathetic show at a time."

Farrah's episode of 'Face the Truth' airs today. Check local listings.