'Fantasy Island' Full Cast List: Meet Roselyn Sanchez and other stars on Fox's drama series

The talented cast of 'Fantasy Island' brings you the intriguing stories of people hoping to find themselves again

                            'Fantasy Island' Full Cast List: Meet Roselyn Sanchez and other stars on Fox's drama series
Kiara Barnes and Roselyn Sánchez on 'Fantasy Island' (Laura Magruder/FOX)

'Fantasy Island' is where all your dreams can turn into realities. With Elena Roarke, the island stewardess at the helm, the island seems like heaven on earth. But unfortunately, everything comes with a price and the inhabitants will soon find out that there is more to this perfect place than meets the eye in this drama series.

The series aims to tell provocative stories about various characters, who all arrive at the island, hoping to find a missing part of themselves. The island gives them more than what they bargained for, with the guests often leaving in a transformed state, thanks to the magical realism of the place. If you're looking for similar titles, you can check out 'Roswell, New Mexico', 'The End', 'The Outpost' and 'The Flight Attendant'. 


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Meet the talented cast behind the series.


Roselyn Sanchez

Roselyn Milagros Sánchez Rodríguez will be playing the role of Elena Roarke in the series. The Puerto Rican actress goes by Roselyn Sanchez and she is also a singer/songwriter, dancer, model, producer and writer. Sánchez was born on April 2, 1973, in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She studied in San Juan during her younger years and displayed an interest in dancing and acting. She would often put on shows for her family. She later enrolled in the University of Puerto Rico, to study marketing, similar to her father and brothers. However, she left the course and moved to New York at 19. Here, she began taking acting, singing and dancing classes. She is married to actor Eric Winter. The couple has two children together: a daughter, Sebella and a son, Dylan.  

Sanchez has worked in a range of movies, such as 'The Game Plan', 'Rush Hour 3', 'The Perfect Sleep', 'Venus & Vegas', 'Act of Valor', 'Mothers and Daughters' and 'Traffik'. She has also acted in TV series, such as 'Death of a Vegas Showgirl', 'A Taste of Summer', 'Grand Hotel' and 'The Rookie'. Her character, Elena, is the steward of this mysterious island and is shrouded in secrets of her own.


John Gabriel Rodriquez

John Gabriel Rodriquez takes on the role of Javier in 'Fantasy Island'. Some of Rodriquez's other works include 'Happily Never After', 'The Fosters', 'Miranda's Rights', 'Rosewood', 'Allegiant', 'Young & Hungry', 'NCIS', 'A to Z', 'Manhattan', 'Drop Dead Diva' and 'The Vampire Diaries'. His character Javier is a pilot and the head of island transportation while also being a jack of all trades.


Kiara Barnes

Kiara Barnes will be portraying the character of Ruby Okoro in 'Fantasy Island'. Barnes is known for her works such as 'The Bold and the Beautiful', 'The Wrong Wedding Planner' and 'Stuck with You'. Her character Ruby is a young woman suffering from a terminal illness. An old soul of sorts, she finds herself on the island and is granted a new lease of life. 


'Fantasy Island' premieres on Tuesday, August 10, 2021 at 9/8c on Fox. 

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