Stephen Colbert caught smirking as Michael Moore dishes on new climate change docu, viewers upset

The documentary filmmaker was on 'The Late Show' to talk about his new film 'Planet of the Humans' that deals with the repercussions of solar and wind power harnessing on mother nature

                            Stephen Colbert caught smirking as Michael Moore dishes on new climate change docu, viewers upset
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​Documentary filmmaker and activist Michael Moore was on 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert' on April 21 to talk about his recent film 'Planet of the Humans' which highlights the damages that harnessing wind and solar power have caused to the environment.

He also spoke about President Donald Trump and his administration and called him a virus that America needs to get rid of this November in the Presidential elections.

As a native Michigander, Colbert wanted to share his thoughts on Trump's tweet that said: "It's time to liberate Michigan".

"We have been planning our liberation for the past 4 years. Sadly Michigan voted for Trump and it is a huge embarrassment." Moore further added that "a lot of my friends and a lot of people in Michigan have planned the liberation day, it is November 3rd, 2020. The party starts at around 8 pm that night."

Later he mentioned that Americans are battling with three viruses. "In my mind, we have got three viruses — the first one is the obvious coronavirus that we are all trying to survive. The second virus is the Trump virus that needs to be eradicated violently and legally at the polls."

He continued, "The third virus is the pre-Trump virus — we had a number of things that remain to be fixed in the country" and mentioned that they need to be fixed once coronavirus blows over and Trump is removed from office in November this year.

Speaking about his film that just dropped on YouTube, he mentioned that the film looks at the road taken to help the environment that has not been the right road and one will not be able to "solar panel or windmill our way out of this situation" and a new direction is needed.

He also mentioned that everyone needs to think about this pandemic as nature's way of putting the world in a "time-out room" and everyone should use this time to think about how they are going to treat nature better or there will be consequences.

While the filmmaker was speaking, people observed that Stephen was smiling and grinning a lot even though it was a really serious topic he was addressing. After the show aired, they took to Twitter to ask Colbert why exactly was he "disrespectful" towards Moore on the episode.

"Why were you smiling and smirking when Michael Moore was telling you that we haven’t even begun to experience the horrors of climate change? It was confusing as tho you were being dismissive," read a tweet.

"#StephenColbert I love you, but your laughing and smirking while #MichaelMoore​ ​@MMFlint is talking about our planet destruction due to #climatechange was NOT COOL!" said another viewer.

One viewer asked, "Were you laugh at Michael Moore?" while another tweeted, "@StephenAtHome Hey, Stephen, I was watching while you were interviewing Michael Moore. I wasn't sure why you were laughing at him as he was seriously talking about how we've damaged the earth?????? Please respond."​ ​

"@StephenAtHome any reason for the condescending smirk on your face during your interview with​ ​@MMFlint​ ​​because it was very distracting and smacked of disrespect. If you didn't want to hear about his documentary, you should not have asked him about [email protected]​ ​#LSSC"​ wrote another. ​

'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert' airs weeknights on CBS. ​

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