Taylor Swift releases new single 'ME!' and fans can only talk about the snake and butterfly references

Taylor Swift realeases new single with Brendon Urie of Panic! at the Disco and fans cannot get enough of it.

                            Taylor Swift releases new single 'ME!' and fans can only talk about the snake and butterfly references

The new Taylor Swift era has dawned.

Out with the new surprise single "ME!" featuring Brendon Urie of the Panic ! at the Disco,  the overnight drop of the song and the video has had the Swifties going crazy.  Swift has been subtly hinting at the release of the single for the past few days on her Instagram. With pictures captioned "4.26", Swift has kept the world guessing for a while.  On  Thursday, Swift surprised fans, who had spun elaborate theories about her promotional bread crumbs, in front of a butterfly mural by the artist Kelsey Montague — packed with “clues about the song and the new music,” Swift said on Instagram — in her adopted hometown Nashville.


Fans have been analyzing the Dave Meyers video and both Swift and Urie have been trending all night on Twitter.  Specifically, the snake-bursting-into-butterflies moment attracted a lot of attention. Panic also confirmed the track on Twitter, writing “Sooooo, this is happening!” and linking to Swift’s YouTube where the video will premiere at midnight EST. The collaboration between the two artists has now got fans all excited, especially from the LGBTQ community.


From the duo conversing in French to the snake and the pastel-Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-Wizard of Oz vibe, "ME!" has extended Swift's all-time record of having 32 US iTunes Number #1.


The reactions to the video are wholesome and nobody seems disappointed.  Fans seem to be extremely pleased with the transition from the Reputation era to the newly dawned, pastel goodness of "ME!".


Fans are impressed by the genre crossover and the music and Swift's return to pop. “It’s about embracing your individuality and celebrating it and owning it,” Swift told  ABC's Robin Roberts of “ME!” “With a pop song, we have the ability to get a melody stuck in people’s heads. I just want it to be one that makes them feel better about themselves.”





The video in addition to the mural has already sprung up theories about Swift's upcoming album and people just cannot wait for TS7. 


As part of the new agreement with a new multiyear, multi-album deal with Universal Music Group and its subsidiary, Republic Records, Swift will own her master recordings moving forward, and on YouTube, the video for “ME!” was credited to Taylor Swift Productions, Inc. “I feel so motivated by new opportunities created by the streaming world and the ever-changing landscape of our industry,” she wrote in a statement at the time. 




"ME!" has unleashed a wave of pastels and rainbow colors across the internet and we can't get enough of it.