'Gotham' fans celebrate beginning of the end with series finale

The Fox drama aired its finale on Thursday, where the caped crusader was finally revealed and Gordon finally became a commissioner

                            'Gotham' fans celebrate beginning of the end with series finale

'Gotham' slowly revealed its best-kept secret with its series finale on Thursday. After 5 years and 100 episodes, the Fox drama prequel that revolves around the caped hero came to a bittersweet end. The show which deals with the time between the murder of the Waynes and the 10 years that went into the making of the hero of Gotham - Batman. 

Although he remains mostly an off-screen presence, the finale titled "The Beginning" reached its resolution with Bruce Wayne becoming Batman and Gordon getting promoted to commissioner and finally getting his iconic mustache.

The bittersweet ending was coupled with excited reactions from the fans and the cast of the show.



Fans seem to be pleased with the portrayal of their favorites and were saddened at having to say goodbye. With heartwarming sob reactions from the cast and the fans, Gotham's finale seems to have ticked all the right boxes.  

Some even took to Twitter demanding a sequel.





There was a lot of hype leading up to the reveal of Batman, and 'Gotham' had been revealing his new look in increments. The teaser trailer showed the back of his head. Now, in the very last shot of the series finale, Batman's full look was finally been revealed. Of course, fans on Twitter had quite a lot to say about how Gotham brought Batman to life. They may not have seen very much of him throughout the episode, but the one shot of his reveal was enough to get everybody talking.



The Bat wasn't the only one the fans were waiting for. After about 10 years on the show, Gordon was finally promoted to commissioner and his new look has been trending since the first stills came out. Actor Ben Mckenzie recently spoke about his inevitable facial hair and admitted that it wasn't his own, joking: "Oh yeah. I had two days to grow it. And they stuck a thing on me and it looks great." Whether they liked the 'stache or not, fans still appreciated the transformation.



Fans are impressed by the fact that the directors weren't playing around this time.They are both shocked and overwhelmed by the deaths of their beloved characters and haven't shied away from expressing it. While others were either not surprised or unfazed by the turn of events. And there were other fans who really shipped Tabitha with Barbara (Erin Richards) and were utterly devastated.

Gotham's finale hit the screens and evoked mixed feelings, with the entire fandom accepting "The Beginning" of the end.