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'Make it happen': Fans go into frenzy as Brendan Fraser expresses interest to return to 'Mummy' franchise

'This is the ONE sequel we're asking for Hollywood. THE ONE,' said a fan
UPDATED NOV 18, 2022
Brendan Fraser wants to return to 'The Mummy' franchise if given a script and a chance (Manny Carabel/Getty Images and IMDb)
Brendan Fraser wants to return to 'The Mummy' franchise if given a script and a chance (Manny Carabel/Getty Images and IMDb)

'The Mummy' franchise is one of the most popular movie franchises to be existing in the history of cinemas. 'The Mummy' was theatrically released in May 1999. Despite mixed reviews from critics, it was a commercial success and grossed over 416.4 million dollars worldwide against a production budget of 80 million dollars. The film's success spawned two direct sequels, 'The Mummy Returns' (2001) and 'The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.' The Stephen Sommers-directed 'Mummy' films starred Brendan Fraser, Rachel Weisz, John Hannah, and Arnold Vosloo. And now, it seems Fraser is interested in making a comeback to the movie franchise. 

During a recent interview Brendan Fraser, whose comeback in 'The Whale' made him the Oscar's Best Actor frontrunner, expressed his interest to return to the 'Mummy' franchise. Brendan Fraser jumped to say “Absolutely! Do you have a script? Yeah! It was great fun. Are you kidding?” when he was asked if he would ever return to play Rick O'Connell. However, a Tom Cruise starring 'Mummy' movie was released which wasn't much appreciated for one too many reasons and fans seem to be rooting for Fraser's return especially after getting disappointed three years back. 


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Fraser who confessed of taking a break from Hollywood due to his traumatic and horrid experience of being sexually assaulted made a comeback with 'The Whale'. However, this comeback and movie screening made Fraser indulge in a lot of interviews, and during a recent video interview with GQ which is booming in every social media post, he is seen excitingly talking about returning to the 'Mummy' franchise if given a chance and a script. This led to fans becoming even more impatient than the actor. A fan said, "This is the ONE sequel we're asking for Hollywood. THE ONE." A fan wrote, "Love him!!! Love the movie MAKE IT HAPPEN!." A fan shared, "He’s so wholesome - get that script, get Rachel Weisz back too, and let’s roll the cameras," while another shared, "Brendan doesn’t realize how loved he is. There’s not a household that didn’t have George of the jungle or The Mummy in it." A fan tweeted, "somebody get him a script and call rachel, john and oded!" Lastly, a fan commented, "@NSFWorld_ protect this man at all costs."







It is safe to assume people are hoping for Fraser to return as Rick O'Conell. Fraser is known for his leading roles in blockbusters, comedies, and dramatic films. He gained prominence for his role as Rick O'Connell in 'The Mummy' trilogy (1999-2008).

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