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Here's why fans don't like Adam Driver as Doctor Doom

Rumors of the actor playing the iconic baddie are doing the rounds on social media, and most fans aren't in agreement
UPDATED OCT 26, 2022
Adam Driver/Doctor Doom (Theo Wargo/Getty Images/Marvel)
Adam Driver/Doctor Doom (Theo Wargo/Getty Images/Marvel)

Adam Driver as Doctor Doom isn't something MCU fans want to see. The actor, who made Kylo Ren his own in 'Star Wars' reportedly met the folks at Marvel Studios to discuss a potential role in the upcoming 'Fantastic 4' film, but while that's been doing the round on the internet, fans aren't too keen to seeing Driver play Doctor Doom — the role he's rumored to have pitched.

Earlier, Howard Stern had claimed that was playing the role of the iconic baddie. "I told you, I'm going to do 'Doctor Doom.' That's the thing. But believe me, I'm f**king miserable about it...I called Robert Downey, Jr and I was asking him about acting techniques." The clip began doing the rounds on social media causing quite a flurry. There are two ways to look at this update, either Stern's leak is solid considering the character who has been in the conversation as the MCU's next villain. Or, it could all be a joke.


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One of them did approve, but not a major portion of the audience. "Really hoping the News Im heard about Adam Driver as Mr Fantastic is NOT true… Everyone knows he's more Dr Doom. Ive waited my whole life for a Fantastic 4 movie that doesn’t suck and this is how you do me? Thanks tho @Kevfeige," one of the tweets read. "Adam driver rumored as reed or doom now the post-credit doom scene is gone, why am i losing," another opined. "Adam Driver was one of my dream picks for Victor a while back, but now I think they should get a Romani actor...and there's no point casting a star like Driver if Doom's only getting a 2 movie buildup at most," a tweet said. "I love Adam Driver especially as Kylo Ren but I don’t see him as Doctor Doom. Have him play someone else," a fan said.

"For clarification adam driver isn't a good choice either. Not for the pre-accident doom (for obvious reasons) and also not for his voice. But he is a decent suit/ stunt actor," a comment said. "the only people in the entire world who would want adam driver to be doctor doom are adam driver fans and no one else," a tweet said. "RE: Potentially casting Adam Driver as Dr. Doom for the Fantastic Four movie (and beyond): I like him as an actor and think he did a fine job as Kylo Ren, but he's been the lead villain in a major trilogy already I hope @MarvelStudios casts an unknown instead #FantasticFour instead."







'Fantastic 4' is in development and is slated to release on February 14, 2025.

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