‘Family Karma’: Fans ship Brian and Monica together, think there's more to their Bollywood-like friendship

‘Family Karma’: Fans ship Brian and Monica together, think there's more to their Bollywood-like friendship
Brian Benni and Sonia Vaswani (Bravo)

It might just be the pilot episode of Bravo’s newest show ‘Family Karma’, but fans are already shipping Brian Benni and Monica Vaswani from the show. The two have been portrayed as best friends on the show. Although fans think that there could be more to this friendship, and is hoping to see them end up together as a couple.

When Monica invites Brian over to her place to have food together, we could see Brian trying his best to flirt with Monica, while she was oblivious to it. Later in her green room interview, Monica describes Brian as a “player” and says she’s his wing-woman who helps him meet girls. Monica then begins advising Brian on how to woo Indian girls.
Brian explains that Monica and he have known each other since their sixth grade and that she knows everything about him. He claims that Monica doesn’t drink, smoke or party, so when they both are hanging out together, it usually is them cooking together or her feeding him. When the producer points out to Brain that it seems very “couply” thing, Brian begins blushing.



Fans were surprised to learn that Brian and Monica are not together, considering how good they both look together, and how compatible they both seem. A fan wrote, “Brian is adorable!! So, why are he and Monica not together?#FamilyKarma.”


Another fan wrote, “Rooting for Monica and Brian to get together. #FamilyKarma #bravo.”

“Brian and Monica obviously belong together, if only Brian can be a little less douchey #FamilyKarma,” expressed a fan.
Another fan pointed out that their friendship seems like a Bollywood movie plotline. “Brian and Monica’s friendship is the start of every Bollywood movie. These are totes getting together and there better be a couple dances in the season 🕺🏽💃🏽 #FamilyKarma.”


“Brian and Monica better get together!  #familykarma,” expressed a fan.

Another fan commented, “Monica’s gorgeous! & Brian is hot. They’re a hot pair. #FamilyKarma.”

‘Family Karma’ airs every Sunday at 9 pm ET/PT only on Bravo.

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