'Family Karma': Monica turns down Brian's proposal, fans say they're sad but agree she made the right call

'Family Karma': Monica turns down Brian's proposal, fans say they're sad but agree she made the right call
Monica Vaswani and Brian Benni (Tommy Garcia/Bravo)

'Family Karma' fans have been shipping Brian Benni and Monica Vaswani since day one. The chemistry between the two attractive reality stars is undeniable. While Brian seems to be crushing hard on Monica, she seems a bit guarded though.

In an earlier episode, Monica revealed why she isn’t totally sure about Brian yet although he expresses his interest in her. She shared her concerns about Brian's playboy past coming in the way and also talked about how in the past when she told Brian that she had feelings for him, he ghosted her.

In the latest episode, Brian once again tries to woo her and expresses his desire to get into a relationship with Monica. After hearing him out patiently, Monica declines his offer and explains to him how his actions in the past have caused her a lot of pain and she needs some time to process everything.


A crestfallen Brian tries defending himself by explaining that in the past when Monica expressed her crush on him, he wasn’t ready for it, but now he is ready. Monica doesn’t seem to buy his explanation. She consoles him by saying that if their relationship is meant to be, it will happen, which leaves him in tears.

Although it was difficult for many fans to watch their favorite couple fall apart, they backed Monica’s decision and extended their support to her. A fan tweeted, "Monica s just protecting her heart, I'm glad she's not making it easy for Brian. He better chase her if he really sees a future with her  #FamilyKarma.”


Another fan wrote, "Yeaaahhh I'm glad Monica said no to Brian #FamilyKarma."

"Monica is doing the right thing. Brian can’t expect her to just jump into his arms because he’s now ready for an Indian girl after being a playboy all his life and even rejected her. That’s not how this works. #FamilyKarma," pointed out another fan.

"So let me get this straight: after partying and being wild with other women, you now want a pure Indian girl who will baby you and feed you? Some girl to double as your mother? SMH Brian, Monica deserves better. #familykarma," echoed a fan.


Several fans felt that Brian might not be done with his player ways yet, and Monica did the right thing by turning him down. A fan shared, “Monica, Brian needs to completely detox the thot out of him! He's not there yet.  In another few years, maybe. #FamilyKarma."

Another fan expressed, "I understand why Monica feels the way she does. But nothing would have been worse if Brian would have jumped into a relationship with you back when he wasn't in the right space. They both need time #familykarma."

'Family Karma' airs every Sunday at 9 pm ET/PT on Bravo.


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