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'Family Karma': Brian and Monica plan to set each other up for a double date, fans cringe at the terrible idea

Fans think that it is a disaster waiting to happen for them to not only set each other up but also go on a double date with each other's partners
Monica Vaswani and Brian Benni (Tommy Garcia/Bravo)
Monica Vaswani and Brian Benni (Tommy Garcia/Bravo)

Brian Benni and Monica Vaswani's complicated relationship can put any Bollywood film to shame. The whole world can see how flirty the two are and what a cute couple they would make, except for Monica who firmly believes that Brian is "just a friend".

Even when Brian asked her out, she turned him down saying that he is a good friend and didn't want to mess their friendship. Later, we learn that Monica asked Brian out a couple of years ago only to be ghosted by him.

When fans heard that, they empathized with her and felt that she made the right decision by not accepting Brian. However, their circle of friends seems to view the situation differently.

They are all convinced that Brian and Monica are a couple and even fought with Monica over it when she tried explaining to them that there was nothing but friendship between her and Brian.
Despite their many highs and lows, the duo still managed to stay friends. During the finale episode, we see them reminiscing about all that their friendship has been through over the course of the season.

The duo then decides that they want to set each other up and go on a double date. They list out what they are looking for in their potential date and begin planning for it.


While Brian and Monica may be excited about their double date, fans don't share the same feelings though. Fans think that it might be a terrible idea for them to not only set each other up but also go on a double date.

A fan tweeted, "Didn't Monica and Brian learn anything from when Harry met Sally? setting up your 'bff' rarely if ever works. #familykarma #bravotv maybe just date."

Another fan wrote, "#FamilyKarma Why are Brian and Monica setting each other up with different people?!?" while a fan predicted, "Disaster waiting to happen with Brian and Monica hooking each other up. #FamilyKarma #BravoTV."
One viewer commented, "I can't bear to watch Brian and Monica. This is not a healthy friendship dynamic at all and I wouldn't want to have a partner with a 'friendship' like this. The fact they are even discussing double dating with other people is CRINGE. #FamilyKarma."

"Brian and Monica should go on a real date (if they haven’t already) and give each other a fair and honest shot. This whole 'let's set each other up' nonsense is not it. The people aren't buying it!! #FamilyKarma #BravoTV @BravoTV," expressed a fan.