Candace Parker is playing basketball and hosting postgame show on TNT, fans pour love for their 'dream girl'

She is being hailed as a perfect multitasker and a 'dream girl' by fans for the two jobs she is undertaking with ease

                            Candace Parker is playing basketball and hosting postgame show on TNT, fans pour love for their  'dream girl'
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Candace Parker is no less than a wonder woman. She is one of the most decorated women's basketball players of all time and is simultaneously hosting for the Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA) postgame show at TNT. But more than just her sporting caliber, she is being hailed as a perfect multitasker and a “dream girl” for the two jobs she is undertaking with ease.

The player is also effortlessly championing in heralding social change through great endeavors. In “Just Women’s Sports” podcast on Tuesday, August 4, conducted by soccer player Kelley O’Hara, Parker explained why the WNBA wants to be and has to be at the forefront of social change. She mentioned her resolve to dunk like her brothers, getting recruited by Tennessee, playing on the competitive Sparks team and the adversity she faced before winning the WNBA championship. 

With so much on her plate, she can be easily hailed as a leader, not just a sportsperson. As Parker's videos from the WNBA games surfaced online, Internet users flooded social media with tweets lauding her multifaceted personality. Actress-singer Holly Elizabeth Robinson Peete tweeted, “Love me some @Candace_Parker. That’s the whole daggone tweet.”


As a result, fans were reminded of how great a player and show host she is. They took to Twitter to mention that she is "perfect and a "dream girl" owing to her talent. “She is perfect @Candace_Parker . That’s all!”, tweeted broadcast journalist, Cari Champion.




Another fan tweeted, “My dream girl tbh. Love to toss an alley hoop to her.” Others called her a GOAT and alluded to her as a “legend”. “Candace Parker is honestly the GOAT. Shes playing this season while doing the post game show. Such a legend !”, one fan tweeted. 


Parker has previously stood for women having leadership positions such as coaches, general managers and team presidents in the league. "For a league that's 80% women of color with zero African American coaches, I don't know if it's a coincidence," Parker said as mentioned in an ESPN report. "I think we're a league that does get out in the community and talks about social justice reform and speaks about and posts during Pride Month and Green Week. At the end of the day, we need to back it up with actions." Tweeting about her casual yet affirmative personality, a fan tweeted, “And also doing all of this in pajama pants and flip flops....I meannnn goals right? we stan a comfy queen handling business.”


Another user referred to her multi-tasking and versatile personality tweeting, “I can't believe TNT got her working while she tryna win a championship lol  .... She handling it though.” 

Parker has brought many laurels in the field of Basketball. She is a two-time NCAA champion at Tennessee, 2016 WNBA champion and Finals MVP. She serves as a studio analyst for CBS Sports NCAA men's tournament coverage and NBA on TNT while thrilling her fans regularly with WNBA matches. 

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