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F1 fans throw a tantrum after Brad Pitt snubs Martin Brundle during grid walk at Texas grand prix

Martin Brundle tried to interview Brad Pitt, however, he was snubbed by the actor who said, 'Thank you, man'
UPDATED OCT 24, 2022
Martin Brundle tried asking questions to Brad Pitt, however, the actor gave him a cold shoulder ( Alex Bierens de Haan/Getty Images for Williams Racing)
Martin Brundle tried asking questions to Brad Pitt, however, the actor gave him a cold shoulder ( Alex Bierens de Haan/Getty Images for Williams Racing)

AUSTIN, TEXAS: Brad Pitt was slammed by F1 fans after he snubbed Sky Sports' Martin Brundle during the presenter’s infamous paddock walks on Sunday, October 23. Pitt has been in Austin, Texas, this week for the Formula One action as he plans to make a film about the sports. 

Brundle has been an F1 racing driver and became an F1 commentator on ITV, and later in 2012, he joined Sky Sports. In his racing career, he has won 14 international sports car races, including the iconic Le Mans 24 hours and the World Sportscar Championship, states Ed Sheeran, Serena Williams, Shaquille O’Neal and Apple CEO Tim Cook were other celebrities at the race.


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Pitt is now in preparation to star in a sports film where he acts as a washed-up driver turned team owner who returns to the cockpit. Brundle who started asking questions about the movie was subsequently shut down by the actor. However, Brad hinted that it was a top secret. The former F1 legend also asked P that if he was having a great time at the Grand Pix, to which he responded, "Thank you, man" and kept walking away, reports DailyMail. 


After the actor walked off, Brundle said, “Of course they’re known as Pitt stops, if they don’t want you to talk to Brad Pitt.” Meanwhile, reported the event was a complete sell out and almost 440,000 fans rushed to the Austin circuit to witness the game.Meanwhile, on Thursday, October 20, Lewis Hamilton also joined the actor during the race. 

'Brad Pitt you are talking to an F1 legend, have some respect!'

The internet quickly reacted to the approach of Brad Pitt towards Brundle. A user said, "If Brad Pitt thinks he’s too cool for a Martin Brundle grid walk interview he’s WRONG." Another user stated, "Excuse me Brad Pitt if you’re gonna walk the god damn grid DO NOT DARE dismiss Martin Brundle you knob #AustinGP." A tweet read, "as if Brad Pitt just brushed off Martin Brundle. ITS MARTIN BRUNDLE. this is his playground." 

Meanwhile, a user said, "#USGP I like Brad Pitt but the way he acted with Martin Brundle is not cool man. He is not just anyone asking questions in the paddock. You are entering his home. Have some respect." Another user claimed," I hate when celebrity bodyguards try and get Martin Brundle away. Lad your at the F1 if you don’t want to be interviewed don’t come on the grid…"Another tweet read, "You can tell which celebs aren't actual F1 fans by the way they treat Martin Brundle. Brad Pitt you are talking to an F1 legend, have some respect!" A user added, "The #F1Austin hasn’t even started and we’ve had Brad Pitt being an entitled tosser to @MBrundleF1 and the national anthem sounding like someone’s strangling the cat #F1GP." 

Another user wondered, "Brad Pitt, you're doing a movie on F1 and don't know who Martin Brundle is? It's *the* grid walk. Stop and talk to him." A user then claimed, "Not sure I understand the logic of Brad Pitt not wanting to spend just a moment to talk to Martin Brundle during the grid walk. I mean, this is his moment to connect with those F1 fans that would see his F1 movie." Meanwhile, a tweet stated, "Brad Pitt.. the man starring in an F1 film won’t even stop for 30 seconds to speak to Martin Brundle… if you don’t wanna be interviewed, get off the grid and make way for people who do. #USGP #Formula1 @SkySportsF1 @MBrundleF1."  A user said, "Mmmm that was not a good performance Brad with Martin Brundle. Better next time!."











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