Experts weigh in on Hollywood's take on aliens and the myths surrounding extraterrestrial activity that began in Roswell, New Mexico

With the upcoming release of CW’s newest series ‘Roswell, New Mexico’, we decided to dig deeper into the theories that the soon to be hit provides.

                            Experts weigh in on Hollywood's take on aliens and the myths surrounding extraterrestrial activity that began in Roswell, New Mexico

Popular culture has been creating extraterrestrial narratives for about 70 years now, and each story explores the legends of aliens in different ways. With the release of CW’s newest series ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ coming in just a few days, we decided to dig deeper into these fascinating myths to perhaps find some kernel of truth in what many assume to be a highly fictionalized topic. According to Robbie Graham, author of Silver Screen Saucers and expert on all things extraterrestrial in popular culture, Hollywood does indeed twist whatever truths exist in regards to the topic of aliens and UFOs.  Additionally, Graham even thinks that Hollywood is somewhat to blame about the common misconceptions surrounding this taboo topic.

“Hollywood takes a huge amount of liberties obviously with any adaptation of any real event.  Even Hollywood’s adaptations of well documented, agreed upon historical events often take great artistic liberties.  There is a popular misconception that the phenomena as we understand it today has sprung from Hollywood’s imagining of such events.”


However, with that being said, there has to be some truth behind these crazy theories, right?  We spoke with author and paranormal investigator Kitty Janusz, who explained the type of energy that people in her field feel when trying to tap into the extraterrestrial realm. Janusz herself says that she has seen UFOs several times in her life, so is a believer that there is something else out there, but it likely isn’t what many perceive it to be.

"A lot of paranormal investigators avoid alien energy because it makes them really uncomfortable. We have an open mind and we would love to learn because we have a scientific mindset, but when we actually do encounter that kind of energy it is not a benevolent energy.  In fact, not all paranormal investigators tap into the alien energy at all, as it can be very sporadic and tense.  It makes some people nervous because they don’t know what their agenda is or what their intentions are.”

Even though Janusz is unclear on what it is that aliens would want from us,  she does believe that there is something far bigger going on here. Just like in the ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ television series, she does believe that it’s a possibility that there are aliens incognito walking among us, but the million dollar question is, why?


“I think it’s definitely a plausibility that aliens are infiltrating our society pretending to be one of us.   Flying overhead and doing fly byes doesn’t seem beneficial unless they were infiltrating us.  There are some schools of thought that say we are just an experiment, like a little farm, and I wouldn’t be surprised. I don’t think we are the high ones on any ladder by any means.”

Derrel Sims, former CIA agent and one of the world’s leading experts on alien abductions, claims to have had several experiences with extraterrestrials, and they were not good.  In 1988 Sims founded Saber Enterprises, and the initial objective was to collect physical evidence that would support the reality of extraterrestrial/human interaction and to analyze that evidence to learn as much as possible about the phenomenon. Sims has some fascinating stories and theories that explore both the intentions and methods aliens have when interacting with humans.

“Aliens have lied to every culture they have had contact with. They are not like humans.  It is a serious mistake to try to judge the alien based on the idea that they're just like us, but a little different.”


In shows like ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ aliens are always portrayed to have some kind of power that humans do not possess.  If it’s true that extraterrestrials possess technology that we will likely never have, why is it so crazy to think they have abilities that we don’t?  Sims spoke on the abilities and powers he believes aliens to possess and some of the science behind it. “Aliens appear to have a total understanding of gravity. This is how they move rapidly without injury. They understand the infrared and UV spectrum and use it to their advantage to cloak themselves and their craft. DSP satellites knows this better than anyone.”

Sims is also an expert on alien implants, having consulted on surgeries with removals of objects that many assume to have been planted in the human body by an extraterrestrial. While this might sound crazy to some, there are thousands of medical accounts that truly have no other explanation. Sims explains what an alien implant really is and some of the scientific research he has done on said objects.

By: Derrel W. Sims
By: Derrel W. Sims

“Alien implants are a device or object left inside the human being by the alien presence. In 1994, I had spoken to 250 doctors and surgeons at the John Muir Medical Hospital in Northern California. I outlined four things that we would find about these objects in these people if they were, in fact, alien implants.  My conclusions proved to be true during our first two surgeries and both surgeons were startled by the results. Simply put, the biology was absolutely incredible. There was a biological cocoon surrounding the objects. The cocoon was a non-inflammatory response, not made by the body, and according to the pathologist, was impossible for it to be in that location.”

Clearly, there are countless theories about the existence of extraterrestrials and what it is they really want.  Even if ninety percent of these theories are false, it can be safe to assume that there is at least a small kernel of truth in the ever-evolving myths surrounding this unknown species.  Do shows like ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ even get it remotely right?  It’s not so crazy to think that perhaps Hollywood builds these narratives around some type of truth. Out of these three experts, Graham certainly has what most people would consider a more realistic mindset on the matter. The truth about extraterrestrials is something that we will likely never know, and Graham thinks that series like ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ and films like ‘Men In Black’ and ‘Independence Day’ likely perpetuate the perceptions surrounding the alien narrative. 

“The truth is, no one really knows anything and I extend that to the people in government and corridors of power.  I think it’s always been a constant struggle to figure out what is going on here.  I am sure people have drawn private conclusions in various intelligent and military circles, but I don’t think anyone has the truth.  I mean the phenomena that has been reported over seven decades is so bizarre and it seems to be related to us a species and our consciousness levels as well. We play a part in manifesting this phenomena.”

Regardless of the facts, it is certainly interesting to open up your mind to the fun and intrigue that shows like ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ provide.  Make sure to tune into the ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ premiere on the CW on January 15th!