Expert shares ‘Pink & Blink’ window cleaning hack to miraculously remove stubborn stains in under 1 hour

Expert shares ‘Pink & Blink’ window cleaning hack to miraculously remove stubborn stains in under 1 hour
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A cleaning expert has shared the secret method that helps keep her windows clean and shining. Chiana Dickson is reportedly a fan of The Pink Stuff, which can be easily bought from Amazon. She claimed, “My favourite, however, is cleaning with The Pink Stuff.” She further said, "I used The Pink Stuff to do it, which is why I call it 'Pink & Blink'. Spread the word."

Explaining about the cleaning process, Dickson wrote, “This miracle cleaning paste worked wonders for cleaning my glass shower doors and removing hard water stains, so I had to give it a go on my windows. To apply the paste, I used a soft sponge, working in small circular motions from top to bottom. The paste is a light abrasive, helping to scrub away layers of dust and dirt without scratching the glass," as per the website Homes & Garden.


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‘An ingredient ideal for breaking down grease’

She noted, “What’s more, the paste contains sodium silicate, an ingredient ideal for breaking down grease and preventing hard water stains from forming on surfaces by breaking down calcium and magnesium deposits. For this reason, I also love it for cleaning stainless steel sinks.”


Dickson then went on to say that after putting the paste on the window, she uses “plain cold water” to wash it out. “For any areas where the paste stuck, I used a clean, damp, soft microfiber cloth to wipe it away. While the traditional method of cleaning windows uses a standard squeegee to help remove water from the glass, I opt for a window vac to collect excess water and prevent streaking. I then buffed small water lines from the corners of the windows with a clean, dry, soft microfiber to the perfect result,” she mentioned.

‘Use an old cut-up dish sponge’

However, the cleaning pro believes that taking down the dirt does not end “with the glass” as she claims “window tracks gather dirt and grime (and sometimes even mould) throughout the year." She elaborated, “This black grime can be difficult to access with a regular cleaning cloth and your fingers, so I use an old cut-up dish sponge to help reach into every nook and cranny.”


Dickson added, “This window cleaning hack is perfect for freshening up windows and keeping them clear for longer, meaning I don't have to spend time and energy recleaning the panes halfway through a hot summer.”

‘Make sure to rinse the window down’

In her piece, the writer also answered some more FAQs about the window cleaning method. Regarding the usage of dish soap, she said, “Dish soap mixed with warm water is ideal for cleaning windows, and can even be combined with distilled white vinegar for further dirt-busting power. When using dish soap, make sure to rinse the window down afterward and use a squeegee to help prevent greasy residue or streaking.”


Also, about the fast process, Dickson posted that one can make “an equal mix of water and vinegar to help break down tough grease and dust on exterior glass.” She concluded, “Spray the windows thoroughly with the solution and allow them to sit for five minutes. Then, use a microfiber cloth in a ‘Z’ motion back and forth to remove the solution and dirt before rinsing and removing excess water with a squeegee.”

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 Expert shares 'miracle' window cleaning hack to remove stubborn stains