EXCLUSIVE | D-Crunch present a new obsession in latest album ‘Addiction’

EXCLUSIVE | D-Crunch present a new obsession in latest album ‘Addiction’
D-Crunch talk about their third single album 'Addiction' (@DIA_CRUNCH/Twitter)

(Written by Nandini Iyengar) 

South Korean hip-hop and idol group D-Crunch (also known as Diamond Crunch) debuted in 2018. Since then, the group has released quite a few interesting and addicting tracks. They have also been active outside of D-Crunch and have released a few tracks on Soundcloud which showcase a new side to their artistry. Their last release was their EP ‘Daydream’ in April 2021. 

After almost a year, the K-pop group has made a comeback with their new single album titled ‘Addiction’. The single album contains three songs and one instrumental track. It was released on March 25 along with a music video for the title track ‘Addiction’. Well, MEAWW got a chance to ask D-Crunch about their K-drama projects, sub-units, and song recommendations. In an exclusive interview with MEAWW, D-Crunch speaks about their comeback, their inspiration, and trying out new things.


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MEAWW: Please tell us a little more about your comeback. What is the message you are trying to send with this comeback?

Hyunwook: As the name of the album is ‘Addictive’, it seems to have a great meaning to make many DIANAs (D-Crunch fandom) around the world "addicted" to D-Crunch!! That's why I think I'd be grateful if you watch it while thinking, “There are a lot of charms that the group D-Crunch hasn't shown yet!!”

MEAWW: From this comeback album, which song is your favorite and why?

Chanyoung: I like the title song 'Addiction' from this album the most. Because I think it's a song that can show D-Crunch's color and great performance very well.


MEAWW: After wrapping up the promotions for this comeback, what do you plan to do in your free time?

Jungseung: If I have free time, I definitely want to go on a trip! These days, I've been staying at home all the time, so it's been a long time since I've experienced the scenery or the weather properly. So I want to go on a trip!

MEAWW: If you were to pick one song of D-Crunch for a person who is listening to your music for the first time, which song would you pick?

Jungseung: I would like to recommend D-Crunch's ‘Panorama’. The song itself is cool and the performance is also great, so I think it's a song that can show D-Crunch well. Those who are listening to D-Crunch's songs for the first time will find it interesting to listen to and see the performance.



MEAWW: What is the one thing that each of you learned during this comeback?

O.V: I learned the importance of the present. In fact, I have felt it since the beginning of the Corona situation, but this comeback felt more intense than ever. This time, as usual, I will greet DIANA with various contents, but I will spend every moment cherishing it without wasting it. I hope that feeling can reach you, DIANA. I love you, DIANA!

Chanyoung: I think I learned a bit more about poses and facial expressions while preparing for this album. I paid more attention to the poses and expressions to show a more diverse side than before in jacket photos, music videos, and on stage. The practice definitely helped me a lot.

Jungseung: I learned a lot from this comeback compared to other albums, especially the song and the choreography. I learned a lot about detailed rhythm play and balance for singing and dancing.

Hyunho: Through this comeback, I experienced and learned new genres of songs and new performances, and it was so much fun. But what I learned the most was DIANA's love. It's a comeback after a year, but DIANA waited for a long time and continued to support us, it gave me a lot of strength and I am very grateful that I found DIANA's love once again.

Hyunoh: It is a difficult and stressful time for many people due to Corona and the entertainment industry is without exception, but I feel grateful that I was able to show my face to the fans and the public by making a comeback. I realized again that the days I could have enjoyed were really, really precious.


MEAWW: Hyunho, please tell us about your experience as an actor in the web drama ‘1시11분 너에게 가는 시간 (Time to be together 1:11)’.

Hyun Ho: First of all, it was very strange and new to greet everyone as an actor rather than as part of D-Crunch. I came to know the charm of my job as an actor, and even when I went to the set, I had other experiences that I could not experience as a singer, so it was so much fun. After that, I wanted to get to know more about the profession of an actor, and if there is an opportunity, I want to continue to challenge myself in acting. It was my first time acting, so it was very difficult to play that character, but it was so much fun and enjoyable to be able to experience a different life as someone other than Lee Hyun-ho.

MEAWW: Chanyoung, which dance style do you like the most? Which one would you like to learn next?

Chanyoung: Originally, I was interested in intense and powerful dance, but these days, I am more interested in dances with soft and graceful lines. If there is an opportunity, I want to learn modern dance!


MEAWW: Jungseung and Hyunwook, please tell us about your work as the sub-unit STOPES. What is different about working in a sub-unit?

Hyunwook: I think STOPES is a unit within the group that we made on our own, and it is a unit with a younger brother who is musically suitable, so unlike Hyunwook and Jungseung as D-Crunch, I think there is a point where we can try various kinds of music more freely! STOPES is also making a lot of good music, so please look forward to it!

Jungseung: STOPES is a unit that was born from the idea of making a song in a genre and song style that we want to try, different from the singing style that Hyunwook and I do at D-Crunch. I think that’s the only difference.

MEAWW: O.V. please tell us about your composing and songwriting process? What do you do when you are stuck on an idea?

O.V: I have been asked the same question many times, but my answer is different from time to time! Sometimes I have a vague idea of lyrics that come to my mind, so I list them up and develop them into a melody later. There is also a direction in which we are working on it at the same time and gradually modifying it! Ideas often start with a "nudge". I think I draw based on the imagination that comes out of it or the emotions I usually hear, but if I think of 10, I think I write 2-3 of them. The rest disappears into space! (laughs)


MEAWW: Hyunho and Hyunoh, was there a funny incident where people confused your names? Please tell us one!

Hyunho: There were many cases in which we both responded when the members or staff called ‘Hyun’. That's why now the members only call 'Ho' or 'Oh' at the end.

Hyunoh: I think it's more of an everyday thing than an incident. Everyone gets confused at one time or another. Haha! I think we should include Hyunwook among the members, but in my case, even if other people made a mistake in calling our names, I tend to act well thinking that I am calling someone. It's the level of liberation. (laughs)

MEAWW: Which song or artist are you all listening to recently?

Hyunwook: Recently, I'm listening to a lot of songs by Wonstein! I really like to show you a lot of song styles that I liked and am oriented to, so I recently heard a lot of singing for inspiration!


MEAWW: Do you have any action or a slogan to relieve stress before going on a stage?

O.V: I always do short running, stretching, and light squats to raise the tension in my body before going up on the stage. And the mindset is that I want to think that I want to have fun, but the thought of doing well seems to eat up that thought! (laughs)

MEAWW: Which artist do you see as your inspiration?

Hyunoh: The seniors who inspired me when I decided that I wanted to become an idol singer were BTS. Their passion and growth on stage at that time, as well as the wonderful stage performances, completely captured my heart, and I am still working hard with the thought that I want to be on stage like that.


MEAWW: If not a K-Pop idol, what do you think your career would be?

O.V: Ummm… It's not easy, but if I had to choose, I'd like to work as a tour guide. When I was young, I often thought that I wanted to visit other countries besides Korea, and I think it would be good because I am active and I like people.

MEAWW: As members of D-Crunch, what are your aspirations for the future?

Hyunoh: As D-Crunch, we want to do everything we can as singers. We haven't done much yet and there are many things we want to do, but we’re going to do everything we can for the sake of our 20s with no regrets!


MEAWW: Please leave a message for your fans!

Hyunwook: DIANA! Sorry to keep you waiting so long! We came to you with great performances and songs as much as you waited, so let's make a lot of good memories together! Thank you always and I love you, DIANA❤️.

O.V: Did you wait a long time, DIANA? First of all, I want to say thank you once again for your patience. We will do our best to make this D-Crunch activity a better memory for you as you have been waiting for a long time! Thank you for always giving me a lot of attention and love, and even if you are far away, I love you all. I definitely want to perform in front of you all. I hope that such a day will come! Until then, everyone please take care of your health and have a happy day! See you!

Chanyoung: We have made a comeback after a year, and I am standing in front of DIANA, but I am so very, very nervous and excited… (laughs) To DIANA who have supported us and waited so long for us, thank you and I love you!

Jungseung: DIANA! You have been waiting for our D-Crunch a lot! Finally, we are making a comeback!! Please look forward to it! DIANA, take care of your health, and see you soon!! I love you!!

Hyunho: My dear fans, thank you for always caring for us, supporting us, waiting for us, and loving us. In the future, we will continue to grow and work hard so that our fans can be happy and enjoy.

Hyunoh: After about a year, I am able to greet you with a new image. Thank you so much for waiting and I will show you how to have fun so that the time you waited is not wasted. I missed you.

Watch the music video for D-Crunch’s new song ‘Addiction’ below.


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