'Ex on the Beach' fans think Shannon can finally move on and love herself, now that Anthony is gone

Shannon and Anthony's toxic relationship has been put on pause, as Anthony has been eliminated from 'Ex on the Beach'

                            'Ex on the Beach' fans think Shannon can finally move on and love herself, now that Anthony is gone

You know things are messed up when Aubrey O'Day (of 'Danity Kane' fame) is the voice of reason. Shannon and Anthony M's toxic relationship has provided more drama than we could have possibly asked for. With Shannon throwing a glass of her drink on Anthony's face to her sneaking into his bed after he clearly tells her that their relationship is over — the girl has literally made us cringe and pity her for her borderline addiction on her ex Anthony.

But Aubrey has taken it upon herself to protect Shannon from herself. She felt that Anthony isn't a good person as all his exes are in bad places in life after a relationship with him. She is convinced that if Anthony is removed from the picture then maybe Shannon might begin to respect herself and hopefully get over Anthony.

Aubrey gangs up with the other girls, especially Kenya Scott, who has hooked up with Anthony in the past and has given him the infamous title of "lil' d**k energy", to kick Anthony off the show. They stick to their plan and vote out Anthony, and Shannon is left bawling her eyes out on Anthony's elimination.



Fans have always felt that Shannon needs to learn to love herself and move on. But Anthony was in the way as a temptation. She always went back to her toxic relationship and repeated the same mistakes over and over. Instead of trying to break the pattern, Anthony enabled it and, in fact, made it worse by telling her that he regrets hooking up with her. However, the next minute we see them both going at it. With his mixed signals and manipulative behavior, he wasn't helping Shannon move on either.

Now that he's gone, we hope that Shannon finally realizes that she deserves way better than Anthony and learns to accept and love herself rather than seek external validation from manipulative and toxic persons like Anthony.

Fans have been full of praise for Aubrey having Shannon's back and trying to help her. A fan wrote, "@AubreyODay it was really sweet of you to go and comfort/support Shannon on #ExOnTheBeach it shows how genuine your character is. Props to you for having another woman’s back when she needed it!"

Fans were also very hopeful that Shannon might be able to get better without Anthony around. A fan wrote, "As much as everyone says Shannon is dumb for staying with Anthony, everyone has been her before, & she will learn hopefully sooner than later her true worth  #ExOnTheBeach."

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