'Ex on the Beach' season 3: Release date, format, cast, trailer and everything you need to know about MTV’s popular reality dating show

'Ex on the Beach' season 3: Release date, format, cast, trailer and everything you need to know about MTV’s popular reality dating show

Anybody who has watched a reality dating show always finds one couple they root for and hope that they make it past the show’s life. Dating shows like 'The Bachelor' and 'The Bachelorette' are notorious for couples breaking up as soon as the show ends. With that our hope for a happily-ever-after for our favorite couple ends too.

However, what if you could see the same couple on another show, where the jilted partner (ex) can either work on rekindling the romance or exacting that sweet revenge, wouldn’t it be reality television gold? MTV felt the same way too and created the reality dating show 'Ex on the Beach', where contestants from other reality dating shows are on a vacation on a beach looking for another shot at romance, when out of blue their ex surfaces there to either work things out or make sure that they get the revenge.

Release Date

'Ex on the Beach' will premiere on July 16, 2019.

Show Format

After receiving a great response for its previous two seasons, MTV renewed the show 'Ex on the Beach' for the third season. The show format remains the same, where 10 single people  (who are former reality television stars) arrive on a beach in Miami for a vacation looking for some romance. They hope to have a great summer, but what they do not expect is their exes to turn up. The ex will then either try to rekindle the relationship or get some good old-fashioned revenge. This show promises to unleash a whole lot of drama, romance and loads of fights.



In early June, MTV released the list of the cast who will be present in season three. Here is the list:

The singles crew comprises:

Lexie and Allie Kaplan from Netflix's [email protected] will be part of the upcoming season of 'ex on the Beach' (Photo by Morgan Lieberman/Getty Images)

Aubrey O’Day (Danity Kane, E!'s 'Famously Single')
Mark Jansen (CBS's 'Big Brother')
Mechie Harris (4EY 'The Future')
Cameron Armstrong (ABC’s 'Boy Band and The Rookie')
Billy Reilich (E!’s 'What Happens at the Abbey')
Kenya Scott (MTV’s 'Are You the One?')
Lexi Kaplan (Netflix's '[email protected]')
Allie Kaplan (Netflix’s '[email protected]')
Geles Rodriguez (MTV’s 'Are You the One?' and Former NFL Cheerleader for Houston Texans)
Devin Walker (MTV’s 'The Challenge' and 'Are You the One?')

The exes who have been roped in are:

Tevin Grant (MTV’s 'Are You the One?')
Marie Roda (MTV’s 'The Challenge' and 'The Real World')
Anthony Martin (MTV’s 'Are You the One?')
Shannon Duffy (MTV’s 'Are You the One?')
Elena Davies (CBS’s 'Big Brother')
Anthony Bartolotte (MTV’s 'Are You the One?' and 'The Challenge')
Lisa ‘Thai” Coffey (Celebrity Ex)
Ariana Nova (Celebrity Ex)
Alexis McNeal (Celebrity Ex)
Cara Cooper (Celebrity Ex)
Kellie Sweet (Celebrity Ex)
Emily Arreseigor (Celebrity Ex)
Danielle Clarke (Celebrity Ex)
Max-Davis Kurtzman (Celebrity Ex)
Jason Walsh (Celebrity Ex)
Tyler Garrigus (Celebrity Ex)



The show is executive produced by Dan Caster, Keith Burke, Lily Neumeyer, Lisa Chapman, Malcolm Gerrie, Matt Anderson, Nate Green, Nina L. Diaz, Richard Hall, Tara Long, Liz Chapetta, Cooper Green and Diana Morelli.




Where to watch

You can watch 'Ex on the Beach' post its premiere on July 16, every Tuesday at 8/7c on MTV.

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