'Ex on the Beach': Here are all the couples who found love again on the MTV show and still going strong

Season 3 of MTV's popular reality dating show 'Ex on the Beach' is just around the corner. The show gave us loads of drama and romance, but very few couples who met on the show remained couples after the series ended. In this post, we look at the couples who are still going strong

                            'Ex on the Beach': Here are all the couples who found love again on the MTV show and still going strong

'Ex on the Beach' is back with season three. In the last two seasons, we have seen plenty of contestants trying to either rekindle their romance with an ex or attempt at a fresh start by pursuing their crush from the pool of fellow participants on the beach.

This show brought us loads of drama, fights, and romance to our living rooms. While not many participants left the show as couples, the few that did couldn't handle the baggage from the past and ended breaking off things with their new beau. The following are the couples who found love on the beach amidst the toxic drama of their ex and are still going strong.

Cory Wharton and Taylor Selfridge (Season 1)

Cory Wharton and Taylor Selfridge (Instagram)

Taylor Selfridge appeared on the reality show 'Are You the One', prior to participating on 'Ex on the Beach'. She is the only contestant from the entire series to have had three of her exes arrive on the beach. Cory Wharton participated in the reality show 'Real World: Ex-Plosion' prior to his stint on 'Ex on the Beach'. Despite his ex and Taylor's three exes looming on the beach, the two fell in love and took their romance offscreen. The couple has had a rocky relationship but is still going strong according to their social media posts.
Nelson Thomas and Angela Babicz (Season 2)

Angela and Nelson had a whirlwind romance on the show. The couple had to endure a fair share of drama in order to be together. On the show, one of Nelson's ex texts Angela telling her that she has been having physical relations with Nelson until recently. This caused a lot of heartache and drama for the couple, as Nelson tried his best to convince Angela that the text was false, though eventually, he did admit that he hooked up with the girl, but denied having any physical relations with her "recently". We didn't know about the fate of their relationship until they revealed on the reunion episode that they worked things out and are together!
Janelle Shanks and Darian Vandermark (Season 2)

Janelle is the only contestant to have given a second chance to her ex — Darian Vandermark. Darian and Janelle were in a serious relationship prior to their break-up. Darian came on the show to fix things between them, and Janelle gave him a chance. The happy couple is still together.
You can watch 'Ex on the Beach' post its premiere on July 16, every Tuesday at 8/7c on MTV.

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