Natalia Fadeev: Female officer flooded with marriage proposals after sexy snaps in uniform

Natalia Fadeev: Female officer flooded with marriage proposals after sexy snaps in uniform
Natalia Fadeev posing for sexy snaps (Credits : callsignwaifu/Instagram)

A former police combat officer and now content creator has garnered many followers on social media for her sexy snaps and stunning poses in the uniform. Natalia Fadeev, 22, from Israel, was drafted into the mandatory Defense Forces in her country at the age of 18. Now the officer is getting numerous marriage proposals, and literally everybody in her follower list wants a woman like her in their lives.

Fadeev, who is now a content creator, says that her parents initially persuaded her to choose a safe office-based role, but she was keen to work in military. She joined the military police combat unit and was deployed to guard checkpoints in the Judea and Samaria sectors in Jerusalem. During this time, Natalia learned how to detect threats and fire weapons. 


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This Israeli officer is now famous across all social media platforms and has started posting pictures of herself in her uniform on Instagram where she's gained over 320,000 followers. She also shares content on her OnlyFans page in order to have a closer relationship with her biggest supporters. She says: "Suddenly, big Instagram pages started to share my photos and my followers started growing really fast. Most of my followers really support me and I have managed to create such a positive community. The most exciting comments for me are those from young women who tell me that I'm a huge inspiration for them. I do still get death threats now and then along with some really offensive comments just because I'm from Israel which is really sad," Fadeev adds.
Fadeev is now a sensation among her male followers and is reportedly flooded with numerous marriage proposals. "I receive marriage proposals from different men multiple times per day. That's why I choose to go by the title 'Gun Waifu' on social media, which means Gun Wife in Japanese. I often have people invite me to visit their country which is very sweet, but I haven't taken them up on the offer yet," she said.
Fadeev also made sure that her revealing contents got published only through OnlyFans and Patreon and not public platforms like Instagram. Despite her success on social media, she doesn't want to simply be known as a pretty woman who loves guns. Instead she wants to delve more into the world of airsoft and is currently creating a YouTube channel to promote the sport.
She revealed: "I tried modelling real steel guns but ditched since it felt shallow for me to just stand there with a gun and be pretty. My plans for the future are to evolve more in the airsoft field. I'm already working on a YouTube channel and a blog, so I can share my knowledge and promote this great sport. I don't have any plans to get married anytime soon. The only man in my life right now is my dog Kimchi."

For the men who are keen to marry Fadeev, unfortunately she has no plans of getting married anytime soon.

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