Ewan McGregor's daughter calls his girlfriend Mary Elizabeth Winstead a 'piece of trash'

Clara McGregor took to Instagram to express her despise for Mary Elizabeth Winstead and called her a 'piece of trash'

                            Ewan McGregor's daughter calls his girlfriend Mary Elizabeth Winstead a 'piece of trash'
Ewan McGregor (Source:Getty Images)

Clara McGregor, the 22-year-old daughter of Scottish actor Ewan McGregor, commented on the Instagram handle of Mary Elizabeth Winstead calling her a piece of trash. The Playboy model commented from her verified Instagram account and wrote: "Most beautiful and talented woman on earth??? oh man y’all are delusional. The girl is a piece of trash :) x [sic]." Ewan McGregor divorced his wife Eve Mavrakis to whom he had been married for 22 years seven months ago. The two are parents to four children Clara, Jamyan, Esther, and Anouk.

The 47-year-old actor sparked dating rumors after he was spotted kissing his 33-year-old 'Fargo' co-star Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Clara has been disgusted ever since her father got public about his relationship with Winstead in November following a divorce from his former wife Mavrakis. The 22-year-old has since been on her mother's side. Last October, she cropped her father out of a picture she posted while praising her mother: "How frickin gorgeous is my mama?? Strongest, smartest most loving woman I know. My rock. [sic]"

Fans were quick to respond to the comment as some were of the opinion that calling another woman trash would not really help overcome an internal conflict. One of the fans replied to her comment saying, "I'm positive Mary will recover from this but will Ewan McGregor's daughter @claramcgregor recover from her stupidness I doubt! Just look the way she expresses herself about someone she does not know about! She tared apart their family?? A hurt family? Sorry, she clearly does not sounds hurt at all. I think her mother allowed her to do this. A woman telling another woman to bully another woman, that's what is classy for you all. [sic]" 

Another fan tried sympathizing with Clara but pointed out that it wasn't Winstead alone who was involved in the act, "Yes, very sad. But let’s not all blame the woman. The man was just as willing. It takes two to tango and Ewan clearly wanted it to happen. So over women being blamed for everything that goes wrong in relationships. [sic]"

Ewan split ways with Mavrakis shortly after he shared a kiss with Winstead. However, he had to part ways with Winstead too since the 33-year-old did not like being called a homewrecker, according to The Sun.

Mavrakis remained persistent about not knowing anything about her husband's relationship with the actress claiming that she didn't care if the pair had broken up. She told The Sun, "I haven't spoken to Ewan at all, so I don't actually know whether they are together or not... I don't care what he is doing. I don't know anything about it." She added that her children were her main concern. 

Clara was always on her mother's side ever since her parents split ways (Getty Images)

It seems that Clara isn't the only one who took neither the divorce nor her father's relationship with Winstead too well. Daily Record reports that Esther McGregor, Ewan's 15-year-old daughter, composed a song and shared it on her Instagram which revolved around the story of her parents' divorce. In the song titled 'Made You a Man', Esther sings about 'Seeing those pictures, they’re making me cry' and 'Happy birthday to me, am I right?'