'Evil' Episode 6 sheds light on Kristen's obvious feelings for David, but demon George isn't the best third wheel

A kiss, a dream, and a relentless demon that won't let Dr. Kristen Bouchard enjoy a single moment of peace and anything positive

                            'Evil' Episode 6 sheds light on Kristen's obvious feelings for David, but demon George isn't the best third wheel

This article contains spoilers for Episode 6 of 'Evil'

On tonight's episode of 'Evil', Kristen and David's little disagreement, where she storms off calling his faith and practices "weird", ends in what appears to be the first-ever confirmation of the two inching towards something romantic soon.

After David expressed to Kristen that he still doesn't approve of her replacing the Holy water with plain water in the last exorcism the two oversaw, thereby implying that she still doesn't have faith in his beliefs, Kristen tries to brush it off.

She said she did that because the whole religious and supernatural aspect of things gets too weird for someone as heavily reliant on science and logic as she is. Later, however, when she is at home and asleep, things change. 

Kristen goes to bed that night and dreams about her fight with David which takes a different turn than what had actually happened. In Kristen's dreams, instead of her storming out of the room, she and David begin to kiss.

Finally the two cave into the impeccable chemistry they have been teasing the viewers with for six weeks now and if we didn't know better, it would be time for a lot of clapping, cheering, and hooting.



But instead, something terrifying makes its way in. As Kristen and David kiss in her dreams, he suddenly shapeshifts — or so it seems — and turns into the demon George.

It really doesn't get any weirder than this. It's one thing to be making out with someone you have imagined "what if?" aplenty about, and then realizing it was just a dream.

It's a totally different thing to watch them turn into the same demon who's been haunting you in classic sleep paralysis manner, the only difference being, in this George's case, Kristen isn't entirely paralyzed and he is creepier and more real than your regular sleep paralysis demons. 

After discussing the matter with her therapist, who suggests she try lucid dreams to control her dreaming, Kristen takes her advice and has the same dream about George, but only this time, she is able to control the dreams she is having.

If only she was an expert at this earlier — we would have all gotten to see the big kiss unfold more dramatically without George third-wheeling himself in.

'Evil' has never shied away from the rampant chemistry between its two leads and there is no beating around the bush when it comes to the two acknowledging this sexual tension.

After David asked her out for "drinks" that they are yet to indulge in, this could be seen as Kristen's confirmation of her feelings for the priest in training which is very, very mutual.

'Evil' airs on Thursdays at 10 pm only on CBS.

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