Eva Longoria shares first photo of son Santiago, gushes about their "morning cuddles"

Eva gave birth to her first child, Santiago, at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles about three weeks ago. She's already step mother to husband Jose Baston's three kids.

                            Eva Longoria shares first photo of son Santiago, gushes about their "morning cuddles"
Eva Longoria (Source:Getty Images)

Eva Longoria's little bundle of joy is just a month old and we all know what that means lots and lots of cuddles at any given second of the day. And looks like the new first-time-mom isn't holding back on that either and very adorably letting her fans and followers in on the details of her precious journey with son, Santiago, but documenting these sweet moments on her social media.

Taking to her Instagram on Friday, Eva shared a moment she enjoyed with her baby by posting a photo of his tiny, dark hair covered head snuggling against his mother's chest. The proud mother decided to caption the post, saying, "Morning cuddles with this angel are the best!" sporting a clear face with no makeup on, Eva seemed to be gushing at the moment.

This post comes as one of the very few images Eva has shared of her newborn, but that doesn't mean she has kept her followers clueless about all the fun the mother and son duo have been having. One of those primary moments of fun seemed to be the ongoing FIFA World Cup tournament as Santiago already has his own jersey number for the Mexican team.

The news was dropped by 'The Desperate Housewives' alum through an Instagram snap of the newborn in his dad, José “Pepe” Antonio Baston's arms, back in late June. The baby sported the green Mexican team shirt with his nickname, Santi, and also the figure 8 on the back. Eva captioned the photo, "Look who’s ready for #Mexico game! #WorldCup." Eva, the Texas native, has been married to Baston since the year 2016. 

She and Baston had met through a mutual friend back in 2013 and finally decided to tie the knot two years ago. Not long after the wedding, Eva started gushing about how having a child together would serve to be the perfect 'icing on the cake.' And even though her wishes seemed to come true soon enough, speaking in several interviews, she had shared how 'uncomfortable' the pregnancy was.

Eva, who is also stepmother to Baston's three children — Natalia, 22, and twins Mariana and Jose, 14 — from his first marriage to Natalia Esperón, gave birth to her own baby at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles about three weeks ago. But even though he weighed a very healthy 6lbs and 13oz, Eva has come out in the open about her unconventional pregnancy.

Back when she was expecting her first child, Eva had discussed her upcoming 'Overboard' remake, and also the progress of her pregnancy, on her visit to "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" Speaking about how she had found out the news of her expecting, she told Kimmel, "I was directing The Mick — I direct a lot of comedies, and I was on set. I was really tired and really sick and I was like, ‘They must think I’m so lazy.’ But I was pregnant."

The 43-year-old star who has appeared on the widely popular comedy 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine', took to joking about how easy it was to keep the news under the wraps from the public and the tabloids, considering her 'pregnancy' has always been a hot topic for them - being brought up and 'predicted' almost “every month, for the last 20 years of my life.”

“I had a burger and they’re like, ‘Eva’s pregnant.’ I had a pizza and they’re like, ‘Baby bump!’” she had hilariously reflected. “And finally, the tabloids came out and they were like, ‘Eva’s gained weight.’" she said about the time she was finally pregnant. “And I was like, ‘I am pregnant!’ They were like, ‘Eva’s fat.’"

Eva had also admitted that even though sometimes she forgot about her pregnancy, the whole journey has brought about several different changes to her body; but not all of them are the sunshine and rainbow ones. “Everything’s uncomfortable,” she had shared. “It’s not just your belly — everything gets bigger. I’ve never seen my thighs so big, and my boobs, they’re in the way of everything. It’s hard.”

But things definitely turned for the better as the actress announced the arrival of her son with an elated post on Instagram. Posting a snap of her newborn's feet nestled between her and her husband's hands, she wrote, "Starting off my Monday full of gratitude for this little blessing of a human!"

She continued thanking everybody for there immense support, writing, "Pepe and I want to thank all the nurses at @cedarssinai who took such great care of my baby and I. You are all angels, sharing your knowledge and experience to make sure new moms feel good about going home and caring for this fragile life of a newborn. I love this picture as a reminder that no matter how big you grow Santiago, you will always be my baby! #BabyBaston"