Euphoria Season 2: Rue is definitely not dead, so expect a more devastating heartbreak

With Jules gone and Rue resorting to addiction right away, it's not difficult to picture season 2 kicking off with Rue having permanently moved in with Fezco, her drug dealer.

                            Euphoria Season 2: Rue is definitely not dead, so expect a more devastating heartbreak

This bit of 'Euphoria' news comes with certain bittersweet connotations: Jacob Elordi aka the show's textbook definition of toxic masculinity, Nate Jacobs, has just confirmed that Zendaya's central character Rue Bennett is, in fact, not dead after that ever so artsy, but confusing cliffhanger season 1 ended on. And while fans can rest easy knowing our troubled teen will be back in action in season 2, knowing the show, there's probably only more devastation and heartbreak awaiting the character.

Season 1 of 'Euphoria' soared to immediate success with its ever so harrowing portrayal of the reality of American teens, riddled with addiction, abuse, and nihilism as they try to combat it all by indulging in violence and casual sex. But while the show managed to uphold the darkness and vices of their lives through layered characters, the fact that creator Sam Levinson has used his own battle with the same as a loose inspiration for the show, gives us hope for the narrator, Rue. And this comes after several fan theories went around claiming it is a possibility that Rue has been dead and narrating from beyond the grave all this while. 

Zendaya as Rue. HBO)

The origin of the speculation was the Israeli show of the same name that Levinson's HBO teen-drama is believed to be based on. In the Israeli version, Rue turns out to be dead in the end, as the biggest plot story of the series. In HBO's 'Euphoria', season 1 ended with Rue letting go of Jules (Hunter Schafer) and resorting to cocaine right away after weeks of being clean. After she uses, things get a little hazy because she seems to collapse on the bed, looking dead for seconds, before she wakes up and breaks into this musical, dance routine, where nobody except her dead father can see her. In the end, surrounded by a pile of choir singers and a marching band in the middle of the road, Rue climbs a mountain of bodies and jumps off. It's very artistic, and just like art is supposed to, leaves the viewer unraveled for a bit.

But as we are still basking in the confusing glory of the ending, Elordi confirmed to Entertainment Weekly that Rue dying is definitely not what happened. "That is the first I’m hearing it. My feeling is that that’s pretty morbid," Elordi told EW addressing the Israeli original, saying: "That’s a different show, isn’t it? I hope not." So as long as Elordi teasing with lies has been ruled out as a possibility (cast of 'Big Little Lies', we're looking at you!), let's say Rue survived the dramatic fall. What next? 



Well, for starters, she has gone back to substance abuse. Season 1's premise was the drug overdose Rue suffered - something that pretty much signified her entire summer. She survived and returned after weeks in rehab, and went back straight to taking drugs right away. It was only when she met Jules and the latter insisted they weren't going to be close until Rue got clean, that she did get clean. And all of that lasted for less than a month, so expect a further continuation of Rue's battle with drugs when season 2 kicks off. 

Plus Jules left town too, amping the deep void within Rue that was somehow filled with hopes and dreams when the eccentric Jules was around. Knowing that Jules moved to a city where her recent hookup Anna lives can never be a decent thing to deal with for Rue and knowing Rue's volatile nature, one can only imagine what extremes she will reach go to, to cope with the loss. But Jules moving away also leaves scope for a much healthier, more stable romantic prospect for Rue: Lexi Howard (Maude Apatow.)

Rue (L) and Lexi (R) kiss in Euphoria. (HBO)

Lexi and Rue go back long enough for Lexi to still, albeit with slight disbelief, pee for Rue in a plastic cup whenever Rue needed it for her drug tests. They were best friends growing up but grew apart in later years like most high school friendships. Still, when Rue spirals under withdrawal symptoms in class, Lexi is the one who follows her into the school washroom to ensure she isn't taking drugs or is okay at least. Lexi is the person to comfort Rue saying she is not a burden to others because of her addiction when Jules was the one who made Rue feel that way. Granted, nobody is blaming Jules for being anxious about bearing the crutch of Rue's sobriety, but it's almost as if the season blindsided the potential that Rue and Lexi's bond has for something beyond friendship. 

Lexi might stand for everything against Rue, as the girl hadn't even been drunk before her older sister's high school prom, while Rue has been using drugs since the age of 13. But that only leaves the possibility of Lexi finally being the influence that helps Rue get clean for good. Lexi has seen Rue through her battles and she still actually cares for the hot mess; let's hope season 2 gives Rue that one shot at happiness! And we know the two make a damn good team, thanks to that mini 'Se7en' style detective spree the two went on, with Lexi acting as Rue's sidekick as they figure out what Nate has been doing to Jules. That, and of course, Rue and Lexi taught each other to kiss.

'Euphoria' finale aired on Sunday, August 4, and the first season is available for streaming on HBO now. Season 2 has been greenlit, but there are no updates on filming yet. 

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