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'Euphoria' fan-theories about Rue's sobriety and Nate's missing brother might give you the chills

Fan theories on Reddit suggesting that Nate's undisclosed third brother is actually Fezco, and Rue might get sober for good, but die eventually. Here's all the explanation!

Ever since its premiere, HBO's excruciatingly dark and graphic drama 'Euphoria' has maintained an essence of mystery when it comes to individual character's plots, the two most intriguing ones out of the list being Nate Jacobs' missing sibling and the credibility of Rue Bennet's sobriety. But trust fans to get to the depth of the matter and come up with their own insane stories that are so bizarre and wild, that they just might be true. The latest addition are fan theories on Reddit suggesting that Nate's (Jacob Elordi) undisclosed third brother is actually Fezco (Angus Cloud), and Rue (Zendaya) might get sober for good, but die eventually.

To support the Fezco is Nate's missing brother theory, fans on Reddit have cited the family photo of Nate from an episode where viewers find out that the middle-aged man Jules (Hunter Schafer) hooked up with was actually Nate's father, Cal (Eric Dane.) The photograph shows Nate and his family, with his father, Cal, his mother, and two other brothers. We have met Nate's elder brother Aaron on the show already, so that leaves us guessing about the third Jacobs kid we see in the photo. Fans believe that brother is Fezco, the town's official drug dealer, who runs his business with a younger kid called Ashtray. The fan theory is being backed with the speculation that Fezco had run away from home at a younger age and started selling drugs to get by.


And speaking of Fezco selling drugs, there's no forgetting that one of his most regular and steady customers is Rue, who has recently decided to go clean. We have seen how Rue's entire summer was marked by the scary drug overdose she suffered, following which she chose to keep indulging despite attending Narcotics Anonymous meetings. Things finally changed when Rue had another terrifying drug episode where she was coerced into taking Fentanyl, and things escalated so high that Jules had to be involved.

Rue has strong feelings for Jules, so naturally, when Jules tells her she is not going to be around her if she didn't get clean, Rue abided. And she has been clean for a while now, but for how long? 

Rue herself has admitted to being an unreliable narrator, but let's focus on the unreliable part, shall we? It's possible that the entire story is being narrated by Rue to her prospective sponsor, Ali. So maybe she is lying to Ali about her sobriety and maintaining that in the narration. But at the same time, a fan theory on Tumblr suggests that since the show is based on creator Sam Levinson's real life, where he too was addicted and later got his life together, it means there's hope for Rue too. Maybe she too is actually sober and does not die in the end from a drug episode.

Regardless, certain fans also believe that Rue still dies in the end. The theory involves Nate as Rue's killer and cites that Rue trying to defend Jules from being harassed by Nate might cause her death at his hands.

'Euphoria' airs on Sundays at 10 pm only on HBO.