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'Euphoria' episode 7 spoilers tease Cassie's backstory, a pregnancy scare gone wrong, and a terrifying car crash

The trailer has the characters go through a lot emotionally, as we go through clips from the episode, before ending with what looks like a devastating car crash followed by police sirens

This is it. This is the 'Euphoria' episode we have been waiting for. The great, controversial Cassie Howard is finally being treated like the focus of the story in the upcoming episode seven of the HBO show on the harrowing, toxic indulgences of American teens. From the beginning, we have seen the character played by Sydney Sweeney as the soft, comforting, beyond attractive high school blonde stereotype, but there was always more to that. Even though Cassie fits into the blonde bombshell stereotype, her portrayal has been sexually liberated with an intense craving for affection. And now, seven weeks later, we finally get a peek into her backstory and understand why she is the way she is.

Based on the episodic promotional teaser released by the network, things are not looking good for Cassie in 'The Trials and Tribulations of Trying to Pee While Depressed'. Sure, lead character Rue Bennet's (Zendaya) signature narration begins with the alarm "Cassie's family wasn't perfect", as we see a very young, excited Cassie, waiting to cut her birthday cake while her mum and dad fight in some corner of the open-air party. Rue follows it up with "But Cassie was", and the trailer shows the blonde bloom from a little child in the skating rink to a very strikingly attractive teenager, with her mother saying "You're an angel".

The voiceover also warns us that Cassie had made a few mistakes, such as sharing nude photos with boys who had no intention of treasuring her. But how was Cassie supposed to know? Her photos and an extremely explicit sex tape made it to everybody's phone and all the significant websites, but we have seen Cassie hold her head high and maintain her composure.

That is, until now. The previous episode ended with Cassie realizing she hasn't had her periods, and going by the mistake theme, something tells us things are only getting worse. Still, Rue insists that Cassie's biggest mistakes weren't something one couldn't come back from, but by looking at the hysterical Cassie on screen, there's no doubt that this isn't something she believes in.


In other areas, we see Jules (Hunter Schafer) going away somewhere else, hanging out with a friend whom she clearly knows, as she confides in her that she came on the trip so she wouldn't have to think about the town she lives in. They party and there's a lot of fun time happening with Jules, while Rue goes through the exact opposite of that. Meanwhile, Cal Jacobs (Eric Dane) tells his son, Nate (Jacob Elordi) that he hopes Nate didn't learn the wrong lesson from however he got out of his assault allegations. Nate just shoves his father off and it's clear there's no redemption for this boy.

Cassie will expectedly reach out for Maddy (Alexa Demie) and her other friends' help and there's also a moment she shares with the expected baby daddy, McKay (Algee Smith) in the teaser, but we can't be sure what his take on the situation is. Things are way too strange between them after McKay got jumped by his college peers in the middle of him and Cassie having sex. Following that, McKay had gone to see Cassie at her school's Halloween party, but the severely drunk and agitated Cassie was busy making out with Daniel then. Luckily, McKay didn't find out, but that doesn't make things any less complicated. 

The trailer for episode seven shows a lot of the characters in heavy sobs as the haunting background music takes us through clips from the episode, before ending with what looks like a devastating car crash followed by police sirens. 'Euphoria' airs on Sundays at 10 pm, only on HBO.