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'Euphoria' episode 5 spoilers hint at Maddy becoming a bigger threat for Nate than we could've imagined

The trailer for episode 5 begins with Rue's narration as we come across scenes of Maddy being her absolute star self right from a very young age and then shifts focus to her love for Nate.

This article contains spoilers for episode 4 'Shook Ones Part II'.

The fourth episode of 'Euphoria' took us back to Jules's (Hunter Schafer) past, which was harrowing, to say the least. But back in the present, things turned out to be even worse for her. We saw her meeting 'Tyler', which was actually Nate (Jacob Elordi) catfishing her, which soon turned into him threatening her with all the nude photos she exchanged with him. In the end, we learned that it was all to 'protect' his family. But while Nate thought she was the lurking threat towards him and his father's closeted fetish for young trans-people, the promotional trailer for episode 5 states that she wasn't the one Nate needed to worry about at all. With episode 6 titled '03 Bonnie and Clyde', as we take a trip down the memory lane of Maddy's (Alexa Demie) past, we discover the intensity of her love for Nate and the sinister ways she shows it.

The trailer begins with Rue's (Zendaya) narration as we come across scenes of Maddy being her absolute star self right from a very young age. The narration talks about Maddy knowing from a very young age that she had something special, and later, her self love transcended into her relationship with Nate. She loves Nate, and she loves her relationship with Nate. And even though the narration tells us that no matter what Nate did to her, she would always love him, the scenes from the upcoming episode hints otherwise.

In episode five we saw Nate choke Maddy out of anger and that led to distinct fingerprints on her neck. That was followed by a secret breakdown Maddy had in the bathroom and it eventually ended with her confiding in Cassie (Sydney Sweeney) about finding dick pics on his phone. And now, in episode 6, we see Nate being walked along the school corridors with security surrounding him and a distraught, mid-breakdown Maddy sitting in what looks like either the principal's cabin or the school counselor's. Maddy is clad in a hoodie, as she turns back and spares almost a smidge of a smile watching Nate pass by surrounded by security. 


Nate's father, Cal (Erik Dane) is accompanying him too, it's obvious with both of them staring at Jules assuming that she has spilled the beans on them. His voiceover says that he has spent his whole life keeping 'this' part of him hidden, but he feels like he has 'poisoned' everything. We don't know for sure what 'this' part could imply but an easy and obvious guess would be his fetishized sexcapades.

But as they walk the halls with security and shoot glares Jules's way, there's also a possibility that Maddy did all of this on purpose to make Nate realize who has the authority in their relationship. She was pretty pissed at him after his behavior at the carnival as it is, so this is the perfect way to get back at her boyfriend. The only dangerous aspect of it is that both father and son will assume it was Jules behind busting Nate for whatever yet unknown crime he might have committed, one of the options for which is the same thing Nate had threatened Jules about. Sharing child pornography is a punishable offense for minors in their state too, so there really couldn't have been a better way for Maddy to get back at Nate.

But what we are really thrilled about is all the Rue and Jules time the episode packs, especially after the kiss between the two that episode 4 ended with. Jules asks Rue if she has ever been in love, and right after that, we see Ali not too thrilled about this budding romance. He reminds Rue that within a month Jules could realize she wants to be just friends and given Rue's unstable state with addiction, that's definitely not what she needs. But the heart wants what it wants, so we just have to keep worrying about these teens. D'uh.

'Euphoria' airs on Sundays at 1 pm, only on HBO.