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'Euphoria' episode 4 spoilers hint at Jules meeting 'Tyler' and we are very, very concerned

There are flashbacks focusing on Jules's past, and the present hints at her meeting 'Tyler' behind a carnival. Go figure!

The upcoming episode of HBO's very graphic and extremely dramatic show 'Euphoria' gets way darker than its predecessors. We get it, it sounds almost impossible to top the already set standards for dark and gritty on the show, but this time, the flashbacks are focusing on Jules (Hunter Schafer) and we finally get to see glimpses of her past that could explain why her mother is not in the picture anymore. 

In the show's current timeline, Jules is the new student at our narrator, Rue's (Zendaya) school, who ended up attracting a lot of attention after the king of toxic masculinity, Nate (Jacob Elordi), bullied her for her identity. But with the promotional trailer for episode 4, it is not that difficult to deduce that Jules has dealt with transphobic bullies all her life, most probably starting from early childhood, at the hands of her mother.

It's all speculative, but the trailer for episode four starts with Rue's voiceover announcing that when Jules was 11, her mother took her on a little trip. Along with the voiceover, scenes from the flashback appear on the screen with a very stern looking mother, taking her 11-year-old Jules to what looks like a treatment facility that also gives off creepy conversion therapy establishment vibes. We see flashbacks of Jules entering the place filled with children her age, and after a while, she gets asked if she is making any friends by the doctors at the center. She answers in the negative and gets the reassurance that all of that will change. The scene cuts to the present and we see Jules pulling a cute pink top down her breasts.


The narration also stresses on how all Jules wanted was to be loved and we get to see an ecstatic Jules thrilled about speaking to 'ShyGuy18' aka 'Tyler' on the dating app, especially after he asks her to meet him at a distant carnival. Nobody knows the guy is actually Nate catfishing Jules, which is what makes us so very worried for her fate in the upcoming episode. Nate has already shown some pretty violent tendencies towards the blonde at two distinct instances in the show's past, so him asking her to come and meet him alone, luring her, pretending to be another boy, can mean nothing positive for the girl.

But at the same time, Nate's texts to Jules, under the guise of 'Tyler' have also shined a faint ray of hope on the possibility of him really having feelings for her. It's still unclear what he might do to Jules though, considering his father likes to indulge in taping himself having degrading, humiliation sex with trans-minors - something Nate knows about. But he still doesn't know that his father has done the same with Jules too. Well, technically, the series hasn't shown him explicitly finding out about that yet, but neither of those alternatives bears a happy ending for Jules. And we are concerned. Very, very concerned.

'Euphoria' airs on Sundays, at 10 pm, only on HBO.