YouTuber Ethan Klein mocked for accusing Joe Rogan of fueling vaccine hesitancy

36-year-old Klein went on a Twitter rant against Rogan, 54, early Tuesday morning for his opinions regarding Covid-19 and vaccine mandates

                            YouTuber Ethan Klein mocked for accusing Joe Rogan of fueling vaccine hesitancy
Ethan Klein (R) ranted against Joe Rogan (L) for his opinions regarding Covid-19 vaccines. (Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images, YouTube)

Ethan Klein, the host of popular YouTube channel h3h3Productions, was mocked on social media after lashing out at comedian and UFC commentator Joe Rogan for apparently spreading vaccine misinformation.

36-year-old Klein went on a Twitter rant against Rogan, 54, early Tuesday, January 4, morning for his opinions regarding Covid-19 and vaccine mandates. Rogan has maintained in the past that he recommends the vaccine for those at higher risk from the disease, but does not believe the wider population should require it. He grabbed headlines in October when he invited CNN's Dr Sanjay Gupta onto his podcast to discuss the vaccines and clashed over how he treated himself and how that was reported on the network.


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“Joe Rogan, who lives on elk meat, egg yolk, and human growth hormone, with lungs full of tar, thinks he’s healthier than everyone," Klein tweeted on Tuesday, January 4. “This mfer is such a b***h that when he got covid he threw ‘the kitchen sink at it’ – if you’re so healthy just ride it out like you say a man should,” he continued. “Dude has caused so much vaccine hesitancy and misinformation and he doesn’t even have the balls to stand by the s**t he preaches,” he added. “Now he’s on his show talking about how fat people should just die of covid – dude is such a f**king piece of s**t.”



“Instead of getting vaccinated he takes Regeneron, an experimental drug that was developed alongside mRNA vaccines," Klein continued. "His logic makes no sense, and then credits ivermectin, which does f**kin’ nothing for Covid. Not mention whatever the f**k is in Alpha Brain,” he adds, referring to the dietary supplement promoted by Rogan. 



Klein further accused Rogan of having a double standard when it came to his criticism of pharmaceutical companies and the Covid-19 vaccine. “Meanwhile, while Joe is on a big pharma conspiracy against vaccines — someone needs to ask him who makes ivermectin and Regeneron, and all the other s**t he took when he had Covid," Klein concluded.



While Rogan has not responded to the criticism at the time of publication, Klein was heavily castigated on social media.

"The narrative has gone overnight from 'Joe Rogan is irrelevant ever since he went to Spotify' to 'Joe Rogan is causing genocide by explaining what medications he took that successfully allowed him to beat covid in record time,'" columnist Michael Malice wrote on Twitter.

"Ethan Klein, who has the muscle tone of flan, actually believes he has the same body as Joe Rogan," conservative YouTuber Lauren Chen added.

"Sorry, we should definitely all be getting our health advice from Ethan Klein instead, who is clearly more healthy," political strategist Caleb Hull cracked, sharing a photo of Klein wearing nothing but an adult diaper.

"Ethan Klein would never escalate beyond words with Joe Rogan because he fears taking the full brunt of years of disciplined training to become a chimpanzee," one Twitter user quipped. "Just imagine an enraged chimp tearing apart a melon. That’s what’d happen in a Klein v. Rogan match."

"No idea why I'm supposed to care about this, but I have the solution: Joe Rogan vs. Ethan Klein in the octagon. The winner becomes the new CEO of YouTube," another joked.








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