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Ethan Crumbley: Alleged Oxford shooter plans on INSANITY defense, may take mental health test

After killing four of his classmates, attorneys hint Ethan Crumbley likely t plead insanity defense in his trial
UPDATED JAN 28, 2022
Ethan Crumbley to plead insanity defense in his trial (Oakland County Sheriff's Office)
Ethan Crumbley to plead insanity defense in his trial (Oakland County Sheriff's Office)

Oxford High School suspect shooter Ethan Crumbley plans to plead insanity in his defense, his attorneys revealed it on Thursday, January 27. The one-sentence filing in the court read, "Please take notice that … Ethan Crumbley intends to assert the defense of insanity at the time of the alleged offense".

On November 30, Crumbley's parents and all school officials were named in a new lawsuit for the mass shooting at Oxford High School. Crumbley's insanity defense plead may result in mental health examination of the 15-year-old teenager, who is charged as an adult and is being held without bail.


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Local prosecutor Karen McDonald said that Crumbley's mental state would not prevent him from facing any charges. Currently, Crumbley, who killed four of his classmates, faces 24 charges including terrorism, attempt to murder, murder, among others. Earlier this month, he pleaded not guilty. James and Jennifer Crumbley, his parents, are also currently held in custody as they are charged with involuntary manslaughter. The Crumbleys are charged for allegedly allowing the possession of a firearm and ignoring the clear signs of his intended attack. In addition to the Crumbley family, officials of Oxford High School were also named in the lawsuit.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of one of the victim's parents, Tate Myre, and accuses the Crumbley family of reckless conduct. It blames the school staff on part of negligence that they could have prevented the shooting. The lawsuit seeks a minimum of $25,000. Myre's father said at a conference, "We’re sad and heartbroken — our lives forever changed." Talking about his 16-year old that the family lost, he said, "Our family will never be the same. We’re not doing good. All we do is walk around the house and think about Tate. The ball was dropped … And there needs to be accountability here." 

The lawsuit has also been filed by the parents of Keegan Gregory, a student, who witnessed the shooting from a bathroom. Keegan was hiding in a bathroom stall with Justin Shilling, who was shot dead. As per the lawsuit, the shooter 'ordered Keegan out of the stall and onto the floor, whereupon Keegan instead dashed out the bathroom door to safety.'