What is an erection tracker? New device could monitor sexual diseases

Adam Sensor is attached to the base of a penis and counts the number of erections a man has during his sleep

                            What is an erection tracker? New device could monitor sexual diseases
Adam Sensor tracks erections in sleep (Adam Health)

While an "erection tracker" is not a commonly used phrase in the world of sexual health, it could soon become one after Adam Health launched its latest product, Adam Sensor, to help monitor sexual well-being in men. The sensor is attached to the base of a penis and meant to be worn overnight. It is meant to count how many erections a man has during his sleep.

Believe it or not, some form of erection trackers have been around for quite a long time. While not as advanced as the Adam Sensor, penis rings, which could help men figure out what’s causing their erectile dysfunction and could even signal a deadly disease, can be considered the first-ever modern wearable “erection tracker." Erections can tell a lot about a man's health, specifically his state of physical and mental well-being. Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction are often seen desperately trying to find out why, and which often causes them emotional or relationship stress. Erections are not just indicators of libido or bedroom performance, they are also indicative of a man's health especially when they get older. Some celebrities who made headlines relating to sex include Teresa Giudice, Ghislaine Maxwell, Princess Diana and Yuri Tolochko


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What is Adam Sensor?

One can secure Adam Sensor at the base of one's penis with a band. It is meant to be worn overnight. It is comfortable to wear under pajamas and is almost unnoticeable, according to the creators. According to National Health Service, healthy men are meant to have an average of three to five erections per night. Although it is not immediately clear as to why this happens, many experts claim that it's the body’s way to keep the erection mechanism healthy, by keeping blood pumping into the erectile tissues. "Whatever their cause, most doctors agree that night-time erections are a sign that everything is in working order," the organization says. 

According to its website, "The sensor is small, compact and completely non-obstructive so after a few minutes, you will not even notice that you are wearing it. While you are asleep the sensor continuously monitors changes in penile tumescence (the engorgement of the penis) and wirelessly transmits the data to the Adam mobile app, installed on your phone. When you wake up (hopefully after 8h) you simply end the measurement and remove the sensor. Our smart algorithms then analyze the data and our app produces a report with the results of the measurement."

Erectile Dysfunction and its causes 

The Adam Sensor claims to reveal if a man is suffering from Erectile Dysfunction (ED), which may be caused by more than one way. If the man is getting nighttime erections, despite struggling to get one in the bedroom, it can suggest that the cause behind ED is psychological, such as anxiety or stress. When there is a lack of nighttime erections, one can guess that there is something wrong biologically. 
Currently, International Andrology London is the only clinic where one can get an Adam Sensor. Director Christos Vasilakos, who is also founder of Adam Health, told The Sun: “If night time erections are impacted, the most common reason is aging. It might also be nerve damage if you are diabetic, caused by low testosterone or signal cardiovascular problems.”

He added that the sensory device can also point a man suffering from ED toward the right kind of treatment for his condition.

"If you are taking something like Viagra, you might be able to perform, but you won’t know if the problem is getting worse”, Vasilakos said. “Or you might be using lifestyle interventions, like losing weight, controlling diabetes or exercising, and want to check the natural erections are improving, and you’re not just seeing the effect of Viagra.”

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