'Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love' fans feel sorry for Sydney after Nicole's ex Ashley shows up at their date

When Nicole Zanatta dropped her "next" Sydney Langston like a hot potato to go after "the one that got away" — her ex Ashley, fans felt sorry for Sydney

                            'Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love' fans feel sorry for Sydney after Nicole's ex Ashley shows up at their date
Nicole Zanatta, Sydney Langston and Ashley Ceasar (MTV)

Poor Sydney Langston. Not only was her beautiful date with Nicole Zanatta ruined, but she also ended up becoming the third wheel in her own date. Fans have been warning Sydney not to pursue Nicole after watching what she did to her ex Laurel.

Unfortunately, Sydney was too drawn to Nicole to realize that Nicole might not be her "next". When Nicole saw her ex Ashley Ceasar in a hot tub during their date, she dropped Sydney like a hot potato and began wooing Ashley right before Sydney's eyes.
It was like pulling teeth, watching Sydney sit in a corner by herself at her date, while her date of the century Nicole was busy trying to win over her "the one that got away".

Sydney just sat quietly watching Nicole declare her love to Ashley and make promises to be loyal to her and stuff. Although fans experienced an "I told you so moment", they couldn't help but feel sorry for her.


 A fan tweeted, "Sydney... you did this to yourself but damn I feel sorry for you right now. #ExOnTheBeach #exonthepeak." Another fan expressed, "Omg Poor Sydney!!!  #ExOnTheBeach."

One fan echoed similar thoughts, "I'm so sad for Sydney  #ExOnTheBeach," while another pointed out, "Poor Sydney legit just looked like she wanted to drown herself in the hot tub! #ExOnTheBeach."

"I feel bad for Sydney. She doesn’t deserve to be treated as a second option. Know ya worth girl. #ExOnTheBeach," expressed a fan. "Poor Sydney. She shouldn't been treated like that. Tbh I hope she raise hell. #ExOnTheBeach," commented a fan.

Later, after the trio returned to the chalet from their date, we hear Sydney saying in her green room interview that she'd fight for Nicole. Fans once again advised Sydney to leave Nicole and move on with her life.

A fan advised, “Sydney, girl. Please just move on from Nicole. Her and her limp pony tail aren’t worth it. Go find someone who will respect you and also knows how to style their hair. #ExOnTheBeach #ExOnThePeak," while another added, "Sydney needs to move on with someone else #ExOnTheBeach." 

Do you think Sydney should continue fighting for Nicole? Let us know. You can catch all the new episodes of 'Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love' every Thursday at 9/8c only on MTV.

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