‘Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love’: Sydney says Nicole isn’t 'cocky', fans wonder which Nicole she is referring to

'EOTB' fans wonder why Sydney is showing interest in Nicole despite evrything that went down between Nicole and Laurel

                            ‘Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love’: Sydney says Nicole isn’t 'cocky', fans wonder which Nicole she is referring to
Nicole Zanatta and Sydney Langston (MTV)

“Love is blind," that’s the only possible explanation to ‘EOTB’ star Sydney Langston singing praises of her new “love” Nicole Zanatta.

In the span of just six episodes, Nicole managed to irk quite a few fans thanks to her player behavior. While we watched her manipulate her ex Laurel in horror, her co-star Sydney was clearly not paying any attention to it. As soon as Laurel got eliminated from the show, Nicole latched on to Sydney and both of them began their epic “open relationship”.

Mind you, all this while Nicole has been telling anybody who cares to listen that she is still hung up on her ex Ashley.
Sydney appears to have turned a blind eye to all this, and continues to enjoy Nicole’s company and strangely enough, can’t stop singing praises of her new muse. In the latest episode, we see her making a bold statement that Nicole isn’t “cocky”. Fans were shocked to hear her praise Nicole, and began wondering if she is referring to the same Nicole they see on the show.


A fan tweeted, “I'm sorry, what Nicole is Sydney talking about with all these positive attributes? #ExOnTheBeach”. Several fans took to their social media to correct Sydney’s statement that Nicole isn’t “cocky”.

A fan wrote, “Sydney Nicole is cocky af #ExOnTheBeach #ExOnThePEAK”. “Not cocky??? Your clearly don’t know Nicole she is overly cocky and it’s not attractive... wow #ExOnThePEAK #exonthebeach."
Many fans also expressed their apathy towards Sydney for choosing to be with Nicole despite watching the nightmare that was Nicole and Laurel’s relationship unfold before her.

A fan shared, “Imagine watching how Nicole treats other women, and still wanting to be involved with her... Sydney babe I don’t even feel bad.  #ExOnTheBeach”. Another fan commented, “#ExOnTheBeach I don’t even understand why Sydney would want to talk to Nicole after the way she treated Laurel."
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