Enjoyed watching 'Marry Me?' Here is a list of best rom-coms you can binge on

Enjoyed watching 'Marry Me?' Here is a list of best rom-coms you can binge on
'Rich in Love',' Alex Strangelove', and 'Marry Me' (IMDb)

Jennifer Lopez is famous for her love rom-coms, and 'Marry Me' is another addition to the list. JLo has been making headlines with her real-life love story with Ben Affleck, who was seen casting the role of a pop star in the musical romance movie. 


'Marry Me' revolves around singer Kat Valdez (Jennifer Lopez), who was getting engaged to another singing star Bastian (Maluma), in front of their fans. Everything is happy until Kat learns that Bastian is unfaithful, and instead of marrying Bastian, she decides to marry the divorced math teacher Charlie Gilbert (Owen Wilson) from the crowd. The love journey between the two different strangers is fascinating to the viewers. If you love to binge on love rom-coms and found 'Marry Me' fascinating, then you can scroll down the check the list of other rom-coms that you can also add to your watch list. 



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'Set It Up'

'Set It Up', a romantic comedy movie on Netflix, revolves around Harper (Zoe Deutch) and Charlie (Glen Powell), overworked assistants dominated by their demanding bosses. Still, when the duo meets in the lobby of their office building, they start hatching up a plan for setting up their superiors, all in hopes that the love chemistry between them will distract them from further ruining their lives.


Set It Up (IMDb)

'Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist'

'Nick & Noach's Infinite Playlist' has not aged particularly well in some respect. The story revolves around the chemistry between teens Michael Cera and Kat Dennings. The love rom-com is set during a New York indie rock scene that lasted for an Interpol song. Nick and Norah in the movie can't help charm, bolstered by the romance between them and the energy of setting a film across one blazing and youth-fueled night on them.


Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist (IMDb)

'Alex Strangelove'

'Alex Strangelove' is another hit rom-com on the list of Netflix. The movie revolves around Alex Trulove (Daniel Doheny), a high school teen who is coming up with the issues associated with sexual identity with a rare combo of honesty and sweetness. Johnson is the one who brings out a timely twist in the movie. However, Alex and his best friend-turned-girlfriend haven't had sex because Alex is unaware of his sexuality. 


Alex Strangelove (Netflix)

'Rich in Love' 

'Rich in Love' is a 2020 rom-com directed by Bruno Garotti and Anita Barbos. The movie revolves around a man working at his rich father's business who traps himself in a lie when he starts loving a woman and tries to convince her that he comes from more humble beginnings.


Rich in Love (IMDb)


You can satisfy your sweet tooth with the Oscar-nominated love rom-com. The story revolves around a nomadic chocolatier (Juliette Binoche) and her young daughter, who arrive in town to inspire the townspeople and abandon themselves to temptation and healthy vibes of romance.


Chocolat (IMDb)

'Someone Great' 

The Netflix rom-com revolves around a music journalist, Gina Rodriguez, reeling from her breakup and decides to move to San Francisco while embarking on one last wild night spending with her best friends. 


Someone Great (IMDb)

'Silver Linings Playbook'

The 2012 off-beat hit 'Silver Lining Playbook' revolves around Jennifer Lawrence, a depressed widow and Bradley Cooper, a man dealing with bipolar disorder. Lawrence offers Cooper a deal that if he takes part in a dance competition, she will fix his marriage and bring his wife back, who left him during his time in a psychiatric institute. While practising for the dance competition, the duo starts feeling for each other and helping them through their grief and mental health issues. 


Silver Linings Playbook

'Sierra Burgess is a Loser' 

Apart from 'The Kissing Booth' and 'To All the Boys I've Loved Before', Netflix is cornering the market with the teen romantic comedy movie 'Sierra Burgess is a Loser.' The movie is a new take showing how a classic nerd girl loves a popular boy. However, after turning every stone upside down, Sierra cannot make that boy feel for, but on the other side, the boy thinks she is someone else.


Sierra Burgess is a Loser (IMDb)

'Operation Christmas Drops'

Netflix's Christmas spirit titled 'Operation Christmas Drops' revolves around Eric, who is an ambitious Congressional aide who has been assigned the task of evaluating whether an Air Force based in Guam should be shut down or not. During the investigation, she finds a swaggering captain, Andrew. Andrew and Eric enjoy the love venture while watching the Air Force base.


Operation Christmas Drops (IMDb)

'As Good As It Gets'

Netflix's dramatic rom-com titled 'As Good As It Gets' revolves around a carefully controlled world of an author with OCD (Jack Nicholson) who gets turned upside down when he starts getting involved with the waitress (Helen Hunt) from his favorite restaurant.


As Good As It Gets (IMDb)

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