'Explain yourself': Olivia Newton-John fans slam the Emmys for NOT INCLUDING her in 'In Memoriam' tribute

'Explain yourself': Olivia Newton-John fans slam the Emmys for NOT INCLUDING her in 'In Memoriam' tribute
Olivia Newton-John died on August 8, 2022 (Scott Barbour/Getty Images)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Fans of Olivia Newton-John have taken to social media platforms to criticize the 2022 Emmy Awards for her absence in their 'In Memoriam' section. According to fans, the late singer and actress, who died of cancer on August 8, 2022 should have been honored by the awards show. However, this was not the case as the tribute video had no mention of the 'Grease' star. 

On the other hand, celebrities who did feature in the 'In Memoriam' tribute included actors Betty White, Bob Saget, Sidney Poitier and James Caan. While Newton-John's was not mentioned during the live tribute, her name appears on the 'In Memorium' page on Emmy's website. Nevertheless, the snub has not gone down well with fans of the four-time Grammy award-winning singer. "Did Olivia Newton John not make the cut? #Emmys2022 #emmys," asked one displeased user.


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Olivia Newton-John attends the Academy Presents
Olivia Newton-John (Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Distressed fans of Newton-John have tweeted their reactions after the telecast of the 74th Primetime Emmy Awards. "Did the #Emmys seriously forget Olivia Newton John in the In Memoriam segment. She did several TV Movies & Special. What gives?" wrote one perplexed user, while someone else added, "Was it just me who didn’t see it or they didn’t include Olivia Newton-John in the “in memoriam”????? #Emmys."

The lack of recognition did not sit well with fans. One person asked the award show for an explanation. "OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN NOT BEING INCLUDED??? EXPLAIN YOURSELVES #EMMYS," she wrote. Another user added their affirmation and remarked that this was a bad move by the awards show, "THEY DONE MESSED UP WITH THAT ONE."





Then there were others who questioned why the British-Australian singer would have even made the cut. One user asked, "Please name me a TV show Olivia was in? She's known for movies and music. The Grammys and the Oscars will give the tribute she deserves," while another reasoned, "I'm pretty sure the reason that she wasn't mentioned in the memorial is because she wasn't on a TV show she was in movies and theater and music."



Following this, fans of the 'Grease' star were quick to point out her history as an actress, both in movies and on television. One Twitter user wrote, "She was on an episode of Glee and also had her own tv specials in the 70s for everyone asking what she did on tv…"


Notably, Newton-John starred in several TV shows during her career, including 'Sordid Lives: The Series', 'Bette', 'Murphy Brown' and 'Ned and Stacey.'

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