Emmy 2020: Disney+ drops trailer for 'WandaVision', fans wonder if Wanda can really alter reality

The miniseries stars Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany and marks the first series from Marvel Studios streaming exclusively on Disney+

                            Emmy 2020: Disney+ drops trailer for 'WandaVision', fans wonder if Wanda can really alter reality

Has Wanda realized her powers have changed? Will she alter everyone's reality on purpose? With such intriguing questions and various theories cropping up, Disney+ dropped the trailer for the miniseries ‘WandaVision’ produced by Marvel Studios at the Emmys 2020 ceremony. We had reported earlier that the upcoming show had become the talk of the town and fans were eagerly waiting for a trailer to drop. The show is based on the Marvel Comics characters Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch and Vision.

Wandavision (Disney+)

According to the official YouTube channel of Marvel Entertainment, 'WandaVision' will be coming soon to Disney+, it announced on September 20. Their YouYube channel stated, "Marvel Studios' captivating new series 'WandaVision' stars Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany, and marks the first series from Marvel Studios streaming exclusively on Disney+. The series is a blend of classic television and the Marvel Cinematic Universe in which Wanda Maximoff and Vision—two super-powered beings living idealized suburban lives—begin to suspect that everything is not as it seems." Wandavision's Twitter handle also posted the trailer on Twitter. 


The nearly one and a half minute trailer of the ‘WandaVision’ has garnered over 2 million likes on Twitter within minutes of it being posted on September 20. The trailer looks promising with many surreal moments, doses of humor and a quaint monochrome color scheme. It is full of elements of magic, realism and superhero charm. Disney+ also posted the trailer from their Twitter handle.



Marvel has described the show as a "mega-event series" for Disney Plus, "unlike anything we’ve done before" keeping the fans pulsating with excitement. No sooner than that when the trailer dropped, fans can't stop talking about how much they like it. On the other front, they also have certain questions on the mystery around the show. A user asked, "I have so many questions: how is vision alive and why the mind stone still in his head? What's happening with Agatha Harkness? Why was Monica Rambeau thrown out of Wanda's reality and why was she there in the first place? Since when did Wanda practice reality warping?"


A user talked about Elizabeth Olsen and her character of Wanda in the show's trailer, "So her powers can alter reality but they can't get rid of her accent so she can fit in better(especially when they were on the run)? I'm thinking they can." Some spelled out theories for the show. "I have a theory for #WandaVison: Wanda loses her mind because of Vison's death and alters reality to avoid the pain. As a result, she alters EVERYONE'S reality, either by accident or on purpose. That's what I think it'd be about."




Some fans had dual emotions after watching the trailer, “THIS LOOKS SO EPIC AND CONFUSING AT THE SAME TIME.... WE ARE READY FOR SCARLET WITCH RULE OVER PHASE 4 OF THE MCU #WandaVision” Some showed their enthusiasm, "The content we’ve been waiting for." Another concurred, "As a kid who bought the 'Vision & the Scarlet Witch' comic book mini-series in the 80s, I'm so ready for this! 'WandaVision' is clearly the creepy road to the Multiverse of Madness and this trailer has got my imagination going! Make mine Marvel Studios !"






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