Who is Emily Mai? OnlyFans star mom-shamed for taking raunchy pics while baby slept

'When my son is napping, I do admin or take photos in a different room. But I don’t film any videos when he is in the house,' Emily Mai shared

                            Who is Emily Mai? OnlyFans star mom-shamed for taking raunchy pics while baby slept
Emily Mai has been working in the adult industry for over seven years (Instagram)

A single mother from Melbourne, Australia has landed at the center of controversy after she revealed that she shoots raunchy photos for her OnlyFans account while her toddler is asleep in the next room. Emily Mai, a 31-year-old OnlyFans model is the mother to a 15-month-old baby boy and has been earning decently through her racy content to support the family of two. In fact, the former stripper makes as much as $250,000 annually through the popular platform and saves a ton for her son's future. 

Emily, who has more than 97,000 followers on her Instagram account and nearly 63,000 likes on her OnlyFans account, offers an exclusive subscription service to her audience at $14.99 per month. When not seducing the internet in skimpy clothes and revealing poses, Emily Mai is just a "normal mum" who cooks for her son, goes on playdates or catches up with the mothers' group. However, not everyone is quite welcoming to a new mom with an OnlyFans account. So she has to hide her 'secret' from the other mommies for the sake of her son.  


Emily had worked in administration jobs in the past but found them "boring" until she joined the adult industry around seven years ago. She was a manager for strippers until she trained to become a stripper herself. She consistently shared photos of her performances online and gradually gained a sizeable follower base. 

She became pregnant with her son in November 2019 and observed that she lost "a chunk" of her followers in the advanced stages of her pregnancy. However, she was not deterred and returned to the limelight shortly after giving birth. 

"When I had my boy, I knew I wanted to do something where I could be around my kid, while also bringing in the same amount of money," she revealed, adding that the first objection came from her own mother. "My mum is really conservative and doesn’t like to talk to me about my job, she asks when I’m going to get an office job. But she’s seen over the years how present I’ve been with my son and the family and it’s opened her up to it. “The rest of my family have been so great and understanding," she shared.

However, the famous adult model is often the victim of brutal trolling and moral policing, from people in her circles. “I have not told any of the mums from my mothers group yet, I am unsure how they will handle that information. They all think I'm a stay-at-home mum!" she mentioned.

Emily grew extra cautious after one of the mothers found out about her job by accident and "threatened" to out her in the community. "She has time and time again referred to me ‘being forced to work in the sex industry'," Emily shared with regret. 

“When people find out what I do for work they can't believe it because I usually wear baggy T-shirts and leggings, and look like a normal mum. I’m nothing like what people imagine an OnlyFans model to be. There’s this huge stigma around being a mum and liking sex," she added.

But how does she manage to handle a professional career in the adult industry while raising a son single-handedly? Emily revealed in detail about her strict schedule and boundaries.

"I wake up, give my son breakfast and have my morning routine where I make coffee and he’ll play while I check my OnlyFans. I’ll wait until his nap time to create content or message my fans."

“When my son is napping, I do admin or take photos in a different room. But I don’t film any videos when he is in the house, I'll organise for family members to watch him when I do that. Once he’s awake, I’m back to parenting, doing things like cooking, play dates and when he’s asleep, I’m back working again."

Reflecting on how OnlyFans has helped her have a profitable career from the comfort of her home, the 31-year-old mother added, "A lot of what I make goes into savings for his future. I’m not making all of this money to spend it on designer handbags and fine dining. And I’ve got so much time with my son. We go to his toddler activities and catch up with our mothers group or see our family, and I'm not run-down from doing 13-hour-nights at a strip club."

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