Emily Bett Rickards is saying goodbye to 'Arrow,' but Felicity Smoak will always be our superhero

In many ways, Felicity Smoak has been the superhero Star City we needed, but how will it survive without her? Guess we will have to wait until 'Arrow' season 7 to find out.

                            Emily Bett Rickards is saying goodbye to 'Arrow,' but Felicity Smoak will always be our superhero

This is the story of an inexperienced actress who walked into the audition of a lifetime, impressed the showrunners enough to get cast in a one-episode role – which we all know is not an easy task – enough to become a recurring character and then, the main cast for seven amazing seasons. Over the last seven years, Emily Bett Rickards has played Felicity Smoak with great conviction and sincerity, which is what made most of us fall in the love with the genius love interest of Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell).

Despite some crazed fans demanding Felicity’s death many times over in the last seven seasons, she has continued to be a staple on ‘Arrow,’ being the life force of Oliver when he needs it – and let’s be real, he needs it often. She has been his guiding light, badass sidekick, his eyes and ears during most missions, understanding mother to his long-lost son, a fighter who singlehandedly went up against one of his biggest enemies – Ricardo Diaz (Kirk Acevedo), and made the tough choices when need be.


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Now, Felicity is saying goodbye to ‘Arrow’ and Rickards is saying goodbye to Felicity, with a heartwarming and nostalgic post that made us ‘Arrow’ fans legit cry. The talented actress wrote a beautiful poem in which she claimed that she and her character are a “tight two” and that while it is time to talk of “many memes. Of bows and arrows and superheroes and Olicity and Queens And why TGA is so damn hot And yes, canaries need more scenes,” she needs to say her goodbyes.


“I thank you all for the time we’ve shared
The elevators we have climbed
The monsters we have faced and scared 
And The burgers we have dined 
I will keep her in my heart for always
And I hope that you can too
Because she would not be alive if it weren’t for all of you 💕,” she said, adding a thank you from both her and Felicity.



Not to be outdone, former Arrow showrunner Marc Guggenheim paid a tribute to Rickards with a poem of his own. It read:

I'll never forget that one
special day
When a certain audition
tape came my way

The part was a "one-
off," so we cast an 
Who would have
imagined how the role
would have grown?

But she was so great in episode three
That "one-off' became two
And two became three

And it was very clear that this was meant to

And now after seven seasons, it's come
to an end
Nothing to say except, "Thank you for
everything. Be well, my friend."





Losing Felicity is as much of a tragedy for fans of 'Arrow' as it is for Oliver himself, which is saying a lot. For years, she has been the real superhero behind the computer guiding our heroes, telling the muscles of the show exactly where to turn, how to make an entrance and how to shoot. In fact, the 'Arrow' lair may have been owned by Oliver, but even he knows not to mess with anything there or Overwatch will torture him in unspeakable ways. 



Even when surrounded by her insecurities, she has stayed true to who she is and refused to feel bad about the choices she makes. She made Oliver return to a life of crime but broke up with him when things got out of hand, and she knew she had nothing to feel guilty about. She took Oliver to task any time he slipped up, and she refused to fall for his charm and his muscles - no matter how much she wanted to - because she knew putting herself first was the most important thing to do. She knows her worth and won't settle for anything less than she deserves, a lesson most of us learned from her. 


Despite her physical inferiority when compared to her teammates and their opponents, she has never bowed down or backed out of a fight. Most importantly, she's no one's damsel in distress. She chooses to be with a man who happened to be a superhero, but in many ways, Felicity Smoak has been the superhero Star City we needed, and we are not sure how it will survive without her. Guess we will have to wait until season 7 finale to find out